Finding a VBAC Supportive OB or Midwife

There are a ton of resources to find a good, truly VBAC supportive, OB or midwife. If you know of any others, please leave a comment with the info!

Note that some of the groups are not explicitly about childbirth, however, there is a tremendous amount of overlap between say, those who homeschool and those who VBAC or have homebirths. Also, those who have unmedicated births, or VBAC, or homebirth, are more likely to breastfeed beyond the first year, which is called ‘extended breastfeeding,’ and go to La Leche League meetings. They are also more likely to seek out fellow crunchy moms at Holistic Moms groups or attachment parenting groups.

You might have never considered yourself ‘crunchy’ because you think that only hippies are crunchy, but rest assured, VBACs, homebirth, homeschooling, and extended breastfeeding are things that appeal to the super liberals, the super conservatives, and everyone in between. No matter where you are on the political spectrum, you will find someone just like you in these groups.

Also keep in mind that there are traveling midwives, so if there are no care providers in your area, this is an option. Check out the ICAN email support group for referrals.

Once you have found a provider, you are going to want to ask a ton of questions. Call and make an appointment to discuss VBAC. Don’t go in for an exam and try to have an intelligent conversation while sitting on an exam table with no underwear on wearing a thin paper gown. This is not a position of power. Remember, you are hiring someone to support you with your VBAC. Please interview at least as many vendors as you would to paint your house or install your air conditioning. This is a huge decision and you will be very happy if you take the extra time to screen your care provider.

I have a list of the questions I find particularly important because the one big thing you want to avoid is the old ‘bait and switch.’ This is when an OB or midwife essentially leads you on. They act all supportive of VBAC in the beginning, but as time goes on, they start to change. They want to do an ultrasound to make sure the baby isn’t ‘to big.’ They start to talk more and more about uterine rupture. They want to schedule that repeat cesarean at 39 or 40 weeks, just in case you don’t go into labor – even though I have yet to meet a woman who was pregnant forever. This happens all the time. All you have to do is join the ICAN email support group to find woman after woman after woman who experienced just this and end up racing around at 37 weeks trying to find a new provider – not an easy task. So grill that provider! Make sure that they are truly supportive and you do this, not by just using your GYN because you like them, but by searching, interviewing, and actively SELECTING your care provider. This is why finding someone through referral is an extra bonus. You can no only get info from the care provider, but since you know someone who has already labored with them, you can get detailed info on how they really act.

Since finding a care provider is one of the critical decisions in working towards a VBAC, I would recommend starting your search before you even become pregnant. That way, you don’t have the crazy emotions of pregnancy pumping through your bloodstream and you can be a little more rational. You also won’t feel like you are on a timetable or be fighting morning sickness and exhaustion. And won’t it feel nice to have all your ducks in a row so when that little plus sign appears, you feel excited and supported? But, if you are already pregnant and looking, it’s not to late. Take the time to find a provider, you won’t regret it!

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35 thoughts on “Finding a VBAC Supportive OB or Midwife

  1. Carina Searight

    I live in Metro Detroit. I have had 2 c-sections, both for breech babies. If baby #3 is NOT breech, I’d like to attempt a VBAC. Will anyone support me in a hospital setting (which my husband prefers)?

  2. Kate Aseron, CPM (Fawley)

    I am available to assist HBAC moms in SE PA. I have years of experience with HBAC, with over 75% of planned HBACs working beautifully and a few HBA2C.
    please know there ARE midwives that support you and believe in this process.
    best wishes to all VBAC moms

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  4. Maggie

    I live in AZ I live in an area that prohibits vbacs. So for my first birth I was induced & crap hit the fan & had an emergency c/s so my second delivery 17 months later was a scheduled c/s. I have been in & out of therapies for PTSD over this ordeal. I am obsessed with having a vaginal birth. My youngest is now 2 yrs old & I would like to get pregnant again. Anychance anyone knows if I’d have a fighting chance to find someone to allow me to vbamc in AZ? Please help!



  6. Franny

    Hélène Vadboncoeur is a researcher in perinatality in Montreal, a VBAC-er, and an author of an amazing book, entitled, Une autre césaréenne? Non merci! (Another c-s, no thanks!). An English edition will be out in th efall, she promised me. The French version of the book is a must-read for any francophones. She will also get back to vbac moms personally, by e-mail or by telephone..even if it is long-distance, as I learned. She is a great vbac advocate, has compiled otns of stats in her book on c-s in general, but esp. for example, the rates of c-s in Quebec hospital’s etc.

    If you read French, get the book! And watch for it in English coming this fall. It will be a FABULOUS resource for all VBAC advocates.

  7. Carley

    Also, in Stamford, CT with an OB in Riverside, CT who claims VBAC supportiveness, but I’m not sure this OB really is supportive. Would like to deliver my twins vaginally. Currently 32 weeks and Baby A is vertex, Baby B transverse. I welcome any birth practitioner recommendations. Would love to do a HBAC, but would be perfectly happy with a successful hospital VBAC, if possible, of course.

  8. Anna

    Dr. Leach in Walnut Creek, CA is VBAC friendly even with twins as long as you have a low transverse incision. He also suggested if you have never delivered vaginally before the first twin should be head down. If the second is breach it is still ok as you know the first was able to come down the vagina successfully.

    1. Brie

      I called Dr Leach’s office today, and was told that he will do a VBA1C, but he will not do a twin VBAC.

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  10. Tammy

    At the Midwifery Group at Swedish we fully support all women who are seeking VBAC. Our coordinating Physician is very supportive as well. We are in the Denver Colorado area (Englewood to be specific) feel free to visit our website and see if we can help support you in your healthcare decisions.

    1. Jen Kamel Post author

      Thank you Tammy for your comment and your link! Hopefully this will help connect your group with women in the Denver area.

  11. Nikki

    There are not any vbac friendly Ob’s listed on your site for my area greater Philadephia area. Is there a way I can find one or does anyone know one off hand. I found midwives willing to do hbac’s but unfortunately our insurance refuses to cover? ANy hlep is greatly appreciated.

    1. Jen Kamel Post author


      I’m sorry, I don’t personally know of any, but use the resources above and I’m sure you will find a provider. Philadelphia is a huge metropolitan area.



    1. Jen Kamel Post author

      I personally don’t, but check with your local ICAN chapter. That is a good place to start. Are you willing to travel?

  12. Jenn

    Unfortunately, even though I live in a fairly large city (1 million +) there is no local ICAN chapter here, and contacting the nearest one did not yield much help at all. Also, the hospital I previously delivered is listed on ICAN’s website as allowing VBAC’s, when in fact they have an extremely VBAC unfriendly environment. My OB who did my c-section previously performed VBAC’s at a different local hospital told me during my first post-partum appointment that I would be having another c-section, to which I said no thanks. :) I did post on ICAN’s website about this hospital

    So I actually found the best local resource for me in finding a VBAC friendly OB was calling around to talk to doula’s to get their perspective and experience on the best local hospital and doctors. I did this before I got pregnant with my second child.
    Fortunately for me, when I contacted a local doula group, a lovely woman emailed me and set up a phone conversation where we spoke for about an hour about my previous pregnancy and my hopes for a VBAC and weighing different doctor’s and hospital choices. That lovely woman I later found out has a very popular blog, none other than Angela Horn! She is as nice in person as she is on e-space. I highly recommend people looking for a VBAC friendly doctor in their area start by contacting doula’s, as with my experience ICAN is not quite accurate enough for making a fully informed decision, and speaking with someone with a wide breadth of experiences with a relatively objective view on different doctors and hospitals is a resource not easily found elsewhere.

    1. Jen Kamel Post author


      That is an excellent point! Doulas are a great resource for finding VBAC supportive care providers. And Angela Horn is lovely. We know each other from Facebook and I have really enjoyed reading her posts. Was she able to point you in the direction of a good, local care provider?



  13. Jenn

    Yes, I am currently in the care of a very good provider, almost halfway through my second pregnancy at this point. She gave me the go-ahead at this point for a VBAC, and the university hospital I am delivering at has a 90%+ VBAC success rate, which is just amazing! I am torn about the requirement for continuous fetal monitoring, because I’m extremely physically active and don’t anticipate doing labor well strapped to a bed, but after reading many birth stories realize it’s not something to butt heads about ahead of time, but when the time comes I can ask to take a short walk, quick shower, or go to the bathroom as needed. And if the VBAC success rate is 90% with this requirement in place, clearly it’s not something that is prohibitive.

    1. Jen Kamel Post author


      Sounds like you have a great plan in place! Best of luck and keep me posted!



  14. alexandra

    I am currently looking for a doctor that delivers at winnie palmer in orlando fl supporting vbac and that accepts medicaid. Please help? I am also 30 weeks which makes it even harder

    1. Jen Kamel Post author


      I’ve heard that Mark Bielawny MD and the Winnie Palmer OB Group are both VBAC supportive. But what VBAC supportive means varies greatly from mom to mom. I recommend you get a copy of your medical records, make appointments with each of those options, and then ask the right questions. Hopefully you can find a supportive and qualified care provider!

      You are welcome to join us on the VBAC Facts Community. :-)



  15. Katie

    Dr Payne is THE vbac doctor in Albany, GA! He does vbacs up to 2c sections and is the only one in this area if you could add him to the list. He is my current vbac dr:)

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  17. keila

    I can’t believe how exactly like my story this is..my dr was supportive about me wanting a vbac and did exactly what this says..the ultrasound for size, scheduling the csection at 39 weeks against my wishes, the scare tactics! wow! Now I’m 40 weeks and scrambling to find a vbac friendly hospital in LA, CA.!

  18. Marcela

    I’m planning a vbac in New Jersey but its illegal here for midwives to attend vbac’s. I hate the idea of going to the hospital and most around here have horrible vbac rates. I’m wondering what my options are, I’m very willing to travel. Ny is an hr away and PA is about 30 mins. Would it be possible to say vbac at a birthing center out of state? I’m so lost, but have plenty of time as I’m only 9 weeks. I need leads! Many thanks in advance!

    1. Marcela

      Currently looking at hbac options. Can’t seem to visualize myself giving birth in a hospital. Thank you.

  19. Emily Neiman CNM

    We are a group of 4 CNMs who work out of an office in Gahanna, OH (Carepoint Gahanna) and attend deliveries at The OSU Wexner Medical Center in Columbus, OH. We also have an active facebook page called “Columbus Midwife.” We are very VBAC supportive and also attend VBA2C. Thanks!

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