4 thoughts on “Two Doctors Encourage Native American Women to VBAC!

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  4. Meggan Beckner

    I have a 1 year old daughter who was delivered via cesarean because of my Arnold Chiari malformation Type I that I was diagnosed with coicidentally. I have been totally asymptomatic my whole life and it was only found coincidentally. My midwife consulted the obstetrician she practices with about my condition when I was just 8 weeks gestation and he insisted on a C-S even after the perinatologist he sent me to for consultation claimed a C-S was unnecessary for this. I delivered without any complications and my daughter did wonderfully. However, after I returned to work, the obstetricians that I work with (I am a neonatal nurse) explained to me that they would have never performed the C-S either. I didn’t deliver at the same hospital I work at. One doctor told me that he just delivered a patient with Type II Chiari and he had sent her to Johns-Hopkins for an eval. and they gave the go ahead for a vaginal delivery. I am very upset to this day because I feel that it was totally unnecessary and was done because this doctor did not take the time to research my condition. I am hopeful for a VBAC next time and I have found a practice that is willing to give me a TOL. I am hoping to conceive sometime this spring and I hope it will be a success if I get to try!!! Your website has been very helpful and very informative on the subject. Thank you!!!!


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