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Twin vaginal birth (double footling breech) video

Update 8/21/10: It’s been brought to my attention that the video I linked to below, which was once public, has been made private.

Wow!  (I start to many birth video posts with that word!)  But, still, wow!

This is an incredible video from Russia showing the vaginal birth of twins and the second child is a double footling breech (meaning that both feet are down and were born before the head.)  The mom is smiling and laughing as the babies are born.  While the mom is reclining, Odent recommends breeches always be delivered upright.  The doctor in the video simulates the angle by
gently lifting the second baby up.

This is a good counter to the typical birth shown on horrid birth shows like A Baby Story.  Remember that the primary objective of TV shows like that is to entertain, not educate.  Births where moms are screaming and there’s complications and loads of drama make for good TV, but they are not how birth has to be.  This is coming from me, someone who did scream the last hour of my son’s birth, but I’m hopeful that if I have a third baby, I will have one of those peaceful births like this woman.  One can dream!

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3 comments to Twin vaginal birth (double footling breech) video

  • Joseph

    Are you the woman in the video above who gave birth to the twins?. Wow!!. It’s wonderful and great birth – Two babies came out!!!! Keep it Up.

    Best Wishes

    Joseph, No, it isn’t me, but I think it’s an amazing video! Best, Jen

  • Missie

    I gave birth to twins and both were double footling breech. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any video of it, but it was amazing.

  • Elizabeth A. Brown

    My twins were delivered double footling, high forceps, under mild general anesthesia on October 2, 1956. Because of their unusual presentation at that time, they were written in the Medical Journal. They were delivered at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, Chicago, Ill. General practitioner Dr. Charles Thegzie assisted by an Obstitrician. No labor, two weeks early, very large episotome.

    Please research and see if you can find my twins. Their names were Cathleen and Colleen Krueger.

    Elizabeth Brown, mother

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