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HBAC Waterbirth in Kentucky

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3 comments to HBAC Waterbirth in Kentucky

  • Hi. I just watched the video of you beautiful home water birth. I’m in the process of one myself. We live in Illinois were midwifery is frowned upon:( Your story is encouraging:) Thanks for posting it:)

  • Melinda

    This was so inspiring, I myself had a cesarean, and I’m pregnant with baby number 2. My doctor told me it isn’t possible to have a vbac here In Johnson County Kentucky. Any advice? I’d be eternally greatful! Both of your girls are beautiful, and I wish you luck in more pregnancys to come!


  • Amber

    I also had a c-section with my daughter (my only child so far). I am trying to do my homework on home water births (especially those with VBACs) and am having no luck finding a midwife near me. I live in Bowling Green, KY and the closest midwife I have found is in Louisville and one office in Nashville. I saw your amazing video of your HBAC and was hoping you or anyone else who sees this might offer some helpful advice! Any and all advice would be enormously appreciated! Thanks for posting your video! It gives me hope for my own HBAC! amber.doughty85@gmail.com

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