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Why if your hospital "allows" VBAC isn’t enough

Sure, your hospital and/or OB might say that they are supportive of VBAC, but if they have a low VBAC and high cesarean rate, you know to keep looking! 

If a hospital that “allows” VBAC, has a 4% VBAC rate, how likely to you think it is for you to successfully VBAC there?  Not likely.  How supportive are they really of VBAC?  Not really.  You are perceived as such an anomaly.  The cards are stacked against you.  At the very least, get yourself a doula so you have a fighting chance.

If a hospital has a low VBAC rate and you opt to birth there, you will likely be treated as a ‘uterus ready to explode’ rather than a laboring woman, just like this woman.  You might be subject to more stringent VBAC protocols such as mandatory:

  • continuous external or internal fetal monitoring
  • IV or heplock
  • movement limited to bed
  • epidural
  • pushing on back in bed
  • time limits on labor

… and these things are just not conducive to a stress-free delivery.  You go from the mindset of “normal laboring woman” to “high risk patient.”

If you can, birth at the hospital with the highest VBAC rate.  Not only will you receive the best hospital care, but you will be supporting a hospital who supports VBAC and we need to support these hospitals.

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2 comments to Why if your hospital "allows" VBAC isn’t enough

  • virginia

    my hospital says that they will do a vbac but they aren’t set up for it because the labor side is far away from the c-section side so if i try to do a vbac and end up having a c section it will take a lot longer to get me to surgery. do you think this is a legitimate reason to consider not having a vbac? im too close to my due date ( 7 days left ) to change hospitals or doctors although i am beginning to wish i would have. ..
    -NERVOUS in hagerstown maryland

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