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Petition Against VBAC Bans in NW Arkansas

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section (VBAC) is currently banned in NW Arkansas hospitals.

We believe that women deserve the right to choose the birth that is right for them and their babies.  We believe that NW Arkansas hospitals should do what is necessary to offer women VBAC.

Stop the ban. Bring back VBAC.

Sign the petition here.

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4 comments to Petition Against VBAC Bans in NW Arkansas

  • Clara Young

    It is the woman’s right to choose! Bring back Vbac’s!

  • Alana

    I think a ban on VBAC’s is awful. That is why I drive over 2 hours each way to see an OB who will support a VBAC. Shouldn’t you be allowed to chose how you give birth?! You are allowed to make so many other life and death decisions at a moment’s notice, but can’t decide after months of research how it is best for you to give birth. Ridicuolous!

  • Lisa Randolph

    Bring back VBAC if you research it is safer than being cutting on in the first place. there is less than 1% in one hundred thousand women that rip open and the longer you wait after having a c-section the less your risk are.

  • amanda

    i have done quite a bit of research i have found its much cheaper and better for you and the baby to do a v-bac instead of repeat c-section

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