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Why we didn’t circumcise

In America in 2006, a little over half of all boys were circumcised and in the Western states, where we live, only a third were.  We didn’t circumcise our son because when I questioned why we would cut some skin off his penis, I couldn’t think of one good reason.  I just couldn’t help but feel like there is a reason why that skin is there.  And was it really worth an extra trip to the hospital, since he was born at home, to get him circumcised?  Not for me.  Yet, there are six reasons that I primarily hear among people who circumcise for non-religious reasons.

It looks weird

The first, and this is definitely the most common, is that an uncircumcised penis looks ‘weird.’  Well, that’s because in America, most grown US born men were circumcised so that is what we are all accustomed to seeing.  It’s entirely cultural.

In other parts of the world, female genital mutilation (FGM), also called female circumcision or female genital cutting, is common.  The World Health Organization (WHO) defines FGM as “procedures that intentionally alter or cause injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons” and includes practices such as the removal of the clitoris, the removal of the labia majora and minora (the “lips” surrounding the vagina), and the narrowing of the vaginal opening.

What is normal and beautiful?

These sound like brutal practices, but when we look at the social and cultural reasons behind FGM, we can see many parallels between it and male circumcision.  (View a full list on WHO’s “Female genital mutilation” fact sheet.)

Cultural pressure and the desire to conform:  “Where FGM is a social convention, the social pressure to conform to what others do and have been doing is a strong motivation to perpetuate the practice” (WHO, 2012).

Perception of beauty, normal, and cleanliness : “FGM is associated with cultural ideals of femininity and modesty, which include the notion that girls are ‘clean’ and ‘beautiful’ after removal of body parts that are considered ‘male’ or ‘unclean’” (WHO, 2012).

Cultural acceptance/ tradition: “In most societies, FGM is considered a cultural tradition, which is often used as an argument for its continuation” (WHO, 2012).

Two thoughts…. First, cultural acceptance, pressure, and the desire to conform.  Sound like the reasons for male circumcision we hear in the States?  And the second comment, aesthetics.  People who practice FGM think it looks better to have your labia shaved off and your vagina sown smaller.  It’s entirely cultural.  That, to them, is clean and feminine.  It is what we, as Americans, are accustomed to seeing that defines what we think is ‘weird’ versus ‘normal.’  And since only 50% of boys are currently circumcised, that norm will soon change.  Thus, not a good enough reason.

Look like daddy

The second reason, “we want our sons to look like our circumcised husbands.”  I asked myself, “If I was the victim of FGC, would I want that done to my daughter just so she would look like me?”  And the answer was, “No.”  Someday, our son will notice that he looks different than his dad and we will explain it to him.  It will likely be a conversation less than five minutes long.  I didn’t find this to be a compelling reason.

Look like other boys

The third reason, “we don’t want our son to be made fun of in the locker room.”  First, we are homeschooling, but even if he went to school, he would not be a freak because 70% of boys in the Western states are intact.  He will be the norm, not the exception.

Penile cancer

The fourth reason is that it decreases the chance of penile cancer.  Using that same rationale, shouldn’t I remove my breasts now that I’m done having children to avoid breast cancer?  Or take my ovaries out so I don’t get ovarian cancer?  Yes, when you remove a body part that eliminates the risk of cancer.  But is it worth removing a piece of your child’s body, that serves a function, for that small chance?


The fifth reason is that it’s cleaner.  We’ve already seen that cleanliness is a reason for FGM, which sounds so odd to Americans, yet we use the same rationale for male circumcision.  This is clearly a cultural perspective/rationale.  I also have to wonder: How did the human race survive if the presence of a foreskin was dirty in a time where cleanliness, as we define it today, was almost impossible?  And then I wonder: If it was cleaner to be circumcised, and uncircumcised penises are threatened with constant infection, why did the penis evolve to have a foreskin?

It has a purpose?

Which brings us to the sixth reason: the foreskin, or prepuce, has no function.  It’s just worthless skin, so it’s not a big deal to cut it off.  The video below, by Doctors Opposing Circumcision, rebuts that quite well.

And I just have to say one more thing.  When my son was admitted to the hospital at 13 days of life for jaundice, he had an IV put in.  The nurses came into our room to take him to the Procedure Room and I wanted to stay with him.  They looked at me questionably and when I insisted they ‘allowed’ me to come.  (I say ‘allowed’ because there was no way in hell I was going to ‘allow’ my son to get an IV, and the pain that entailed, without me being with him.)  My son, my little baby boy, was screaming and crying, with tears going down his face, as multiple nurses tried to place the IV in one wrist and then the other.  It was horrible to watch, but I stayed with my son and spoke to him.  I didn’t want him to go through that physical pain and fear without hearing my familiar voice and feeling my touch.  Over the course of his 4 night stay, his IV “blew” a few times and back to the procedure room we went.  It was horrible, but I’m glad he didn’t have to experience that alone.  I can’t imagine a child being circumcised in a room full of strangers.  That pain (some doctors use local anesthetic) and fear and not a familiar face.

You might also want to view a circumcision to really understand the procedure.

Click here -> The Prepuce: A D.O.C Video

Click here -> Circumcision video

After you watch the videos, check out:

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13 comments to Why we didn’t circumcise

  • Michelle

    I came over here from the ICAN list and was going through your site when I saw this. I am extremely pleased to see this on your website. More women need to see the truth about this subject. In birth it seems that many things are done to women without their consent or approval, women fail to realize that the same thing is done to infant males. It is their body, it does not belong to anyone else, and no one should have that right to take away a piece of his body. KUDOS to you for putting this information here. You might just change a woman’s mind and she will leave her son intact. Bravo.

    Michelle, I think like so many other things in life, people do them because it’s what all their friends are doing, it’s what was done to them, it’s the norm. I don’t think most people give any thought at all to circumcision, because what is the big deal, right? I think like so many things, we don’t give them one thought until we are faced with the decision. The problem with circumcision, as well as VBAC, homebirth, etc, is… no one gives it a thought. We all just march in the direction of everyone else. I too hope someone who is considering circumcision will read this and really think about why. My best, Jen

  • Jen,

    You made excellent arguments. This is what I’ve always felt and couldn’t put into words.

    When our son was born (homebirth VBAC) we had a pediatrician in CA who made house calls and came to our house the day of the birth. He was not in favor of circumcision and applauded our decision not to have that done (as well as our choice to home birth). But he still performed circumcisions, when requested. We asked him why he would do them if he was against them.

    His response: He’d rather do it himself than refer a family to another doctor who didn’t care deeply about the issue and therefore wasn’t as concerned about the child going under the knife.

    That’s not completely relevant to your discussion, except to say that there are doctors (a few) who are on board with the arguments you’ve made.

    As far as I know, the reason circumcision came to be, among the Israelites, was God’s way of physically setting them apart from all other people. This was symbolic, not functional. I have heard people suggest that God required circumcision for the Israelites because it was more healthful and would keep them strong. In my opinion that is speculation; we really don’t know. In any case, circumcision is no longer required of God’s children, except that God in the New Testament now refers to a “circumcision of the heart” which is spiritual, not physical.

    So there’s no Biblical basis for circumcision. And as you have pointed out, any other reasons put out there do not stand up to logic or fact.

    Love, Wardeh

  • Jay

    Thank you for this. I wish more people, especially women, would speak out about male circumcision, which IS mutilation.

    It really bothers me that we are so willing to protect our girls from mutilation, but not our boys. These health reasons that circumcision helps to prevent are a load of crap. Girls get genital infections, too! Do we ever think about cutting up their genitals? Of course not!

    There are female circumcisions that are equivalent or minor compared to male circumcision, and even those are outlawed in North America and many parts of the world.

    This isn’t just hypocritical thinking, it is sexist!

  • momto3

    You make some good points about why not to have your son circumcised. Although we opted to have both of our sons circumcised, I completely understand why parents may choose not to. I think the whole locker room/looking like daddy argument has really lost its weight as more and more parents choose not to circumcise their sons and the rate of circumcised to uncircumcised boys is approaching 50/50. There is an excellent debate about circumcision at http://www.opposingviews.com/questions/should-boys-be-circumcised Experts from both sides debate the issue, and the National Organization of Circumcision Information takes the anti-circumcision side, making some similar points you state here.

  • Buffs

    I agree with your views above completely. Especially as at the end of everything the foreskin belongs to the boy and no parent should be able to consent to remove it.

  • lyle

    Daddys want their boys circumcised because they either never saw an intact penis in their lives, or they did see one and were grossed out. That wrinkly tapered skin looks weird, even feminine. And it must stink of stale pee under there! He remembers the harsh banter boys with “weird dicks” experienced in the locker room, and dreads the thought of putting his own son through that.

    Mommies go along because every penis they have seen was circumcised, either on a baby boy getting his diaper changed, or on a boyfriend. Nice American college girls don’t date foreign students with dirty dicks.

    If you raise an intact boy, at some time you will have to ask him to try to retract his foreskin. When he succeeds, you will have to teach him to bathe with the skin retracted. Daddy doesn’t want to do this, because he’s cut and finds dealing with an intact son just too weird. Mommy doesn’t want to do it because having to get up close and personal to her son’s penis could give rise to sexual feelings she would really prefer not to experience or admit to. The foreskin is all just too sexual, too gross, you know! Much easier to spend a few hundred bucks, and cut it off and be done with it once and for all. Most docs don’t bother with Lidocaine, you say? Too bad! Forge on!

    At least 45% of USA couples of childbearing age are now on the side of the angels. As for the other 55%, I suggest that they look at some European porn videos to discover what the foreskin can do.

  • James Loewen

    Forced circumcision of infants and children fits the legal definition of aggravated sexual assault.

    Circumcision is sexual wounding and a medical fraud.

    Today June 2/09 the Tazmanian government is questioning the legality of infant circumcision. The Tasmanian Law Reform Institute said said in law, circumcision might be considered an assault or a wounding. “There is uncertainty as to whether the consent of a parent for the circumcision of their child is sufficient to allow a circumciser to legally perform the procedure,” it said.

    Several colleges of Physicians and Surgeons in Canada have strongly cautioned physicians NOT to circumcise and for those that do circumcise to be especially careful to have release forms signed by BOTH parents, cautioning them about the very likely possibility of future lawsuits. In the US a class action lawsuit is beginning.

    I’m very sorry for any parents discovering what circumcision is after having it done to their child. Save all medical records and record write down everything you remember.

  • Bill Bristol

    Hi everyone,

    I said “NO!” to having my son circumcised. My parents had my 4skin removed when I was almost 3 years of age and I hated being cut even though all of my friends were circumcised. Even as a child I thought it was crazy. Besides all surgeries have risk and if the circumciser messes up…..

    No matter how mad or sad you become. No matter how much you sue for – assuming that you get any $ at all, you are not the one who has to live with a mulitated penis. And when I was in school PE, I saw a lot of mess-ups. Even mine is not that good. They removed too much skin.

    A person can always have it done when he is older. It is his body and he should have the final day. The fact that because daddy was circumcised, the baby should be circumcised also is a bunch of garbage. I had to have some teeth pulled, should I do the same with my children?

  • Jen

    Wonderful blog! You hit the nail on the head. Why is the (male) foreskin the ONLY part of a child that you can request to have removed for cosmetic purposes? The foreskin is such an important part of the male sex organ. More Americans need to learn about the sexual and protective functions of the foreskin. Great work!

  • Foreskin & The Clitoral Hood-Labia Minora R The Same!!!

    If infant male circumcision is legal, there absolutely NO REASON why removing the labia minora and hood of the clitoris on baby girls should be illegal. Foreskin and Labia Minora/Clitoral Hood tissue is EXACTLY THE SAME type of sexually-sensitive, errogenous and protective genital tissue.

    People need to know that the male fetus develops from the female fetus. All fetuses’ regardless of sex begin as female fetuses’. If the chromosomes do not remain as XX sequences and change to XY sequences then the female fetus will modify to a male fetus.

    When this happens, in terms of the sexual organs and structures, the clitoris will elongate into a penis, the clitoral hood will become the foreskin, the labia minora will become the shaft skin on the penis and the scrotum. Then the urethra will envelope into the clitoris first then into the penis head(glans) which is the clitoris but larger and the ovaries will drop down into the scrotal sac and become the testes.

    The glans clitoris and glans penis are BOTH supposed to have a foreskin or prepuce protective covering to protect the glans and keep it moist, glossy, sensitive and healthy from the corrosive air and abrasion from fabric. Because both glans penis and glans clitoris are both internal mucosal tissue.

    Circumcision was only used throughout history as a mark to denote slavery status. It had nothing to do with anything medical except in rare cases.

    Is what happened in the USA is a Freemasonic cult has merged their religious perversions into the U.S medical establishment. Which makes the USA as criminal and a violator of human rights as Israel and Muslim world.

    However, more Americans are coming out of the dark ages and understanding the foreskin is the same as the clitoral hood on the penis and designed to have the SAME EXACT functions as a woman’s clitoral hood. Both men and women have a glans penis or clitoris which is supposed to be protected.

    Circumcised men are much less compassionate and also cause pain to a woman’s vulva/vagina during intercourse from having a circumcised, dried out, rough and desensitized, cornified and keritinized “broomstick” instead of a normal, natural, glossy, sensitive and moist protected penis.

    Circumcision was primarily designed to lessen sexual pleasure and mark one in a condition of bondage and slavery according to leading Jewish Rabbis’. Jews cannot understand why Gentiles practice this brutal custom of circumcision. The Jewish Rabbis will explain that they only circumcise to remember their slavery in Egypt when they were brutally circumcised to mark them as slaves by the Egyptians. Many Jews actually do not circumcise their sons anymore either.

    As for the Muslims they’re really also part of Freemasonry, and like some gential-mutilating Americans still circumcise for cultural reasons.

    But there is a GOOD NEWS for circumcised men who want to get back a natural foreskin protective covering without any surgery involved. They can do so within 1 year to 3 years time, by practicing ‘non-surgical foreskin restoration’.

    This is a simple process of ‘skin expansion’, as is used for growing new skin for burn victims. Skin will actually grow by adding more skin cells when constant and gentle slight tension is placed on the skin for long periods of time. Common people think this is “stretching”, this is not “stretching”, this is ‘skin expansion’. Stretching has its limits, skin is the largest organ in the body and behaves rather uniquely when put under constant and gentle to moderate tension: It will actually grow!

    All that a circumcise man has to do is draw the existing shaft skin and/or remaining foreskin and inner foreskin over the head of the penis and then hold it over the head using medical tape made into a ring. The tape doesn’t have to be on super-tight, but enough to hold the skin up over the head in a gentle manner, no pain should be involved.

    If the tape is put on in a manner that the skin is held forward but can be retracted for urination then this is optimal. However, using Nexus 3M medical tape is the best lot for a few months, because by then skin would have loosened up to easily be drawn over the head. Also as much as 0.2″ per month will grow if left on continually.

    Foreskin is a DOUBLE LAYER skin so this means growing 1″ is really growing 2″. About 0.1″ per week can grow or 0.4″ per month divided into 2 = 0.2″ total foreskin growth per month, on average is restoration is continually practiced.

    This should not be invasive or uncomfortable, it should feel comfortable and be gradual growth over 1 year to 3 years depending on how much skin is desired and how tightly a man was circumcised. Lastly, is DOES NOT matter how tightly cut a man was circumcised or what kind of skin tissue is involved, if slight to moderate tension is constantly applied to any type of skin tissue, IT WILL GROW permanent new skin and will not simply “stretch” out.

    I wasn’t circumcised as a baby, but was circumcised at 18, and I regreted it. 10 years later I underwent non-surgical foreskin restoration and over the course of 26 months I got all of the skin I used to have covering the head back! About 3 inches of foreskin were grown or 6″ total. I have a high metabolism so that helped immensely. It looks exactly like I’ve never been circumcised at all and I have regained back much of the sensitivity I lost. This, as the keritinization has sloughed off the glans, with it’s original glossy, smooth and sensitive texture to the now-protected head (glans)has returned.

    Non-Surgical Foreskin Restoration IS NOT new. Foreskin Restoration also known as ‘uncircumcision’ as mentioned in the Bible, IS AS OLD AS male circumcision itself.

    The book by Dr. Jim Bigelow titled: ‘The Joy of Uncircumcising’, also explains how common men wanting their foreskins back or wanting longer foreskins really is. In Greece not having a foreskin was considered ‘indencent exposure’, during the Roman Era, Jews uncircumcised themselves to fit in, and in America already 2 million men have restored their foreskins or in the process of restoring their foreskins and 200,000 are actively open about their foreskin restoration on the Internet.

    It’s not a big deal to want a sexual body part back, which is supposed to be there, its very normal to want to, especially when a man finds out what they really lost.

    The criminal U.S. Medical System has forced Satanic Freemasonic customs on millions of unconsenting victims to the point that culturally people have thought having an altered and tampered penis working at 40% efficiency or less is some how “normal”.

    There are many options, parents are becoming smarter in America and it is great circumcision of infant males is down to 50% now.

    However, unnnecessary, brutal, menacing and painful sexual surgery against a minor’s will such as a male infant circumcision NEEDS to be classified as a Class 1 Felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison and a $1,000,000 fine just as it is for female genital mutilation.

    How parents can allow this circumcision brutality to their sons is unbelievable, they can’t be that stupid to consent to a Satanic Freemasonic pervert Doctor’s whims can they?

    As for the REAL Doctors who are OPPOSED to infant male circumcision (male genital mutilation/menacing/alterations) and are not the typical Freemasonic Satanic pervert criminal U.S. Doctors (who even make money selling foreskins to cosmetics corporations), they are also to thank for why evil circumcision is lessening in the USA.

    This criminal sexual mutilation and genital alteration called male circumcision can’t last forever in truly educated and civilized society.

    I have read the comments here and am very impressed at most of your decisions, you are proving your civility and higher education in genital integrity.

    Also the author of this Web Page Log (Blog) should be give an award for her/his choosing to maintain her/his son’s genital integrity and also a truthful explaination of this satanic, demonic and criminal practice of male circumcision, which is the same as removing the hood of the clitoris and labia minora on the female.

    For circumcised men (as well as their wives/girlfriends) who are interested in non-surgical foreskin restoration there is much information on the internet. Just type in ‘foreskin restoration’ at Yahoo dot com or Google.

    YouTube also has a lot of good information about ‘uncircumcision’ aka ‘foreskin restoration. Just type ‘foreskin restoration’ in at YouTube’s search bar also.

    Here is a before and after picture of a man who was circumcised very tightly and restored his protective foreskin over the course of a few years by ‘non-surgical foreskin restoration by means of natural skin expansion’.

    To view the picture, please copy and paste this link to see the before and after pictures: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Ca_before_after.jpg

    Thank You for reading this comment.

  • Non-Surgical Foreskin Restoration & America's Outdated Masturbation-Phobia.

    After a while the Tape-Ring method of holding the skin forward over the head may become cumbersome. When the skin can be drawn over the head easier, placing an silicone O-ring (orange in color and is gentle on skin while staying on skin better) over the end of the skin drawn over the head through the silicone O-ring. This will become the best way to hold the skin over in a very comfortable, pleasurable and secure manner and non even feel anything invasive or unpleasant is going on. Some overhang skin should stick out of the silicone O-ring.

    There should be nothing but pleasure, protection and comfort and no awareness any restorting is going on. If there is any pain, reduce the tension a bit. Over a year a lot of skin will grow. As it does, pull more skin through the ring to maintain the tension on the skin.

    Constant and moderate tension on skin induces ‘mitosis’ which is the same natural body process that occurs when people grow from small children into large adults. The skin senses the slight tension and grows, not just “stretches” out.

    The silicone O-ring method really works and is secure while being comfortable, protective and pleasurable.

    It’s not a privelage to have a foreskin, no more than it is a privelage for a woman to have her clitoral hood, but rather it is a birthright.

    If men want to as grown adults make the same mistake I did and get circumcised by their own free will and consent, then that is a completely different story and is up to each man.

    However, involuntary and non-consentual sexual genital alteration of ANY gender, male and female is not only wrong, unethical and creates permanent hidden trauma to the body’s nervous system and sub-conscious, but also NEEDS to be outlawed.

    Circumcision of non-consentual minors needs to be illegal in the USA. The only exceptions can be rare medical cases which occur in about 1 out of 250 males and also religious and cultural traditions. The Jews and Muslims don’t even remove too much skin, they leave all the inner sensitive skin on the penis.

    The Criminal U.S. Medical System and ignorant parents need to be regulated in order to protect male children and society in general from nefarious Satanic rituals and stone-age brutal ignorance from even being considered “medicine”.

    Fortunately, many Doctors are either against circumcision or neutral about the procedure.

    The problem lies more with ignorant and unethical U.S. parents (like with African parents in villages who want to circumcise their daughters) and their willing to violate their sons gential integrity. All for barbaric Stone Age circumcision once normalized into American culture right about the time after World War II (1935 and onward).

    50% is the overall circumcision rate in the USA, which is a great improvement from the usual 90%. Depending on where one lives in the USA the circumcision rate is from 20% to 80%.

    Either way, non-consentual genital surgery (circumcision) on any minor needs to be criminalized, except in the extremely rare cases when it is needed for medical reasons.

    In Europe, non-Islamic Asia, Canada, UK, Scandinavia, and just about the rest of the world, circumcision is not practiced, making the world circumcision rates at no more than 15%.

    The most medically-advanced and disease-free nations with nearly no cases of AIDS, Cervical Cancer and other gential cancers and STDs’ such as Sweden, Denmark, Japan, UK, Canada, Germany, China all have circumcision rates no higher than 1%, which are mainly the few Muslims and Jews who live in those nations.

    The USA’s AIDS, Cervical Cancer and STD rates are MUCH HIGHER than those countries.

    Circumcision was only used as a punishment in Victorian America to lessen sexual pleasure in males, and cause pain to the wife of circumcised men during sex. This due to the sexual-phobic, once-religious theocratic America, which was very similar to an Islamic nation.

    Circumcision in America back 75 years ago and even farther back was invented as a form punishment for having too much sexual pleasure and the subsequent masturbation which accompanies it.

    Back then they though masturbation and too much sexual pleasure would make a man insane or cause him blindness. Back then also cutting the clitoral hood off of girls who were caught masturbating was recommended and even practice widely during the 1920′s, 1930′s and up the 1950′s in the USA.

    We know all these stupid superstitions about having sexual pleasure and masturbating are false.

    These perverts in America at various times ended up using the medical system to perform and later enforce this barbaric gential cutting on both male and female children.

    Women stood up against gential alteration a long time ago and got their legal protection. Now its time the same protected is afforded for males as well.

    Parents can play the number one crucial factor in putting an end to male circumcision in America by saying NO to circumcision (painful, unnecessary genital altering to reduce sexual pleasure in males and cause painful sex to their female partners).

    Eventually more and more parents in the USA will realize that the foreskin is EXACTLY the same as the clitoral hood on the female. As is the male penis glans is the same as the female clitoris glans.

    From that point on non-religious circumcision will all but die out in the USA.

    Just as it died out in all the other English-speaking countries, aside from the few Muslims and Jews in those countries.

    Lastly, in case parents don’t already know, ABSOLUTELY DO NOT RETRACT THE FORESKIN ON AN INFANT MALE! Because it is fused to the head and will slowly separate on its own.

    WITHOUT HANDLING OR RETRACTING THE FORESKIN, the very tip on the intact male infant’s penis should be gently rinsed and that is all.

    If you forcefully retract the foreskin on an intact infant’s penis, you will RIP A LAYER OF TISSUE OFF THE SENSITIVE PENIS HEAD GLANS!!!, which is equivalent to sexual child abuse and will cause so much pain and bleeding to your son not to include infections and torment.

    The foreskin is naturally part of the glans and will separate naturally by age 4 to 5. After that he will want to retract it on his own and clean under it. Just leave it alone.

    GOD and Nature don’t make mistakes.

    It’s various deluded humans who either ruin the original design tricked by evil-doers, liars, and deceivers that get into power or it is humans who expose themselves to toxic and unhealthy foods no one should be eating and end up with some problems.

    GOD and Nature gave us everything in nature as perfectly designed, flawless and medicinal properties found in all all plants, foods, vegetables and natural compounds to sustain the body into good health for a very long time.

    I wanted to add this second and last comment here to the last one above.

    Thanks for reading this comment. :)

  • Other Alternative Options & Information To Add

    If you are circumcised and have any problems with chafing and you don’t care about undergoing total restoration, the best thing to do is to partially restore and loosen the shaft skin so that flexibility can be attained as well as meaty texture and moisture returned back to the shaft.

    Then make sure you wear spandex or polyester or nylon briefs. This will restore comfort, restore moisture and eliminate discomfort.

    While there are also many benefits with circumcision, many times the Doctor takes off too much shaft skin along with the foreskin. This is the major problem. Many loose circumcisions actually fill out during growth into adulthood. Many Doctors fear that adhesions will occur if they don’t circumcise tight enough, but by using Vaseline and gauge in the correct manner for a few days, the circumcision will heal okay with out adhesions.

    I do not care to make circumcised men think they are ruined because they are circumcised. This is hardly the case. I might have insinuated that in my previous comments up above regarding foreskin restoration.

    ONLY if you not happy being circumcised then you might want to consider non-surgical foreskin restoration. If you are totally happy and have a correctly performed circumcision then all of what I have written here can be disregarded. I am just trying to help out those who might have any problems.

    Many Doctors actually don’t know how to circumcise correctly and differentiate the different types of skin layers from one another. They simply pull as much skin as they can and clamp it then cut it off.

    I suggest to any guy who is going to get circumcised or any parents who are going to circumcise their son(s) to consult with ONLY a highly-experienced and skilled circumciser several months ahead of time before the circumcision is to take place. The best Doctor to choose is an expert in OBGYN, Pediatrics or Urology who is older and has many years of experience performing this procedure and understands the different skin/tissue layers. Usually the skin layers are left loose on the infant after circumcision due to the fact as growth into adulthood takes place, the loose slack will fill out.

    Adult males to who are going to get circumcised, make sure you consult with an experienced Urologist and the circumcision will be performed successfully. Allow it to heal for four (4) weeks without any excess stresses put upon the self-dissolving stitches. Keep the bandage on for a few days before showering. Shower and change the bandage every other day using Neosporin. The result will be a perfect circumcision which appears nearly without any scar either.

    I wanted to add this comment also to provide alternative options for circumcised men and those men who are adamant in getting circumcised and their sons being circumcised too.

  • International doctors’ organizations condemn the AAP’s 2012 stance on circumcision.

    It is now more than a year after the anniversary of the AAP’s statement on circumcision. The AAP’s statement was made on August 27, 2012. It is time to learn about the condemnation of the AAP’s statement on infant male circumcision by 38 doctors representing more than 16 international medical associations. This is groundbreaking and historic. Why? When was the last time you have heard of so many doctors and their organizations condemning another doctors’ organization?

    I am including a reference to the American Academy of Pediatrics own journal which presents the international condemnation of the AAP:

    Cultural Bias in the AAP’s 2012 Technical Report and Policy Statement on Male Circumcision

    What is in the best interest of the child? It is in the best interest of the child
    1) to become educated and aware of what the foreskin is and what its functions involve before cutting it off,
    2) to consider the stereotypes and why they exist before cutting the foreskin off,
    3) to consider if any men circumcised in infancy have been harmed by the procedure since the newborn could possibly become one of these men in the future, and
    4) to avoid cutting off any body part if other less invasive means to care for that part of the body are available.
    5) to learn the easy care of the foreskin which is healthier than circumcision. A) Do not pull the foreskin back. Let nature take its time. B) Do not use harsh soaps or bubble bath. C) Give your child a regular bath. As easy as ABC!

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