First United, now WestJet – Not family friendly

A few months ago, I wrote about my experience flying on United airlines.

Now WestJet has made the news by harassing a breastfeeding customer.

“[The flight attendant] came up and said quietly, ‘You know, some men find the sight of a bare breast quite offensive. Can I offer you a blanket to cover up with?” Tarbuck said on Wednesday.

Tarbuck declined the offer of a blanket, but one was brought to her anyway. “I was pretty shocked,” said Tarbuck.

Tarbuck said on the WestJet flight, she was nursing discreetly, and the only other people in her row were her husband and daughter.

This mom was nursing, as many traveling moms do, while the plane was taking off to ease the pressure in her 11 month old child’s Eustachian tubes.  If she hadn’t been nursing, her child could have been screaming.  So, which would these gentlemen prefer?  To avert their eyes or hear a child crying?

You know what I find offensive?  The fact that the “visual discomfort” of fellow passengers was deemed more important than the physical discomfort of a child.

I am a very modest when nursing in public and, still, have had people ask me to go elsewhere to nurse even though absolutely no skin, let alone my breast, is exposed.  For some people, it’s simply the knowledge of “what is going on” that sends them over the edge.  Which is really sad.  Personally, I feel like having a blanket on my baby is more “attention drawing,” plus, my children would never nurse with one, so that would have never worked for me anyways.

So, the ever humorous Krista Cornish Scott wrote a letter to WestJet’s CEO:

Dear Sean Durfy, CEO,

I was so happy today to read your reply to the recent criticism of your treating breastfeeding women as second-class citizens. In an email to those questioning this behaviour your company representative stated “If a guest is engaged in an activity that makes others uncomfortable, or has the potential to make others uncomfortable, flight attendants have a responsibility to engage the guest in an effort to find a solution.” I was very relieved to hear this, as I frequently fly WestJet with my family and I have been made uncomfortable numerous times by other guests. You may want to stock up on more blankets.

You can read the rest at Elemental Mom where Krista, sarcastically, targets fat people, thin young girls, and couples holding hands.

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5 thoughts on “First United, now WestJet – Not family friendly

  1. Jessica Lynn

    I thought most men liked the sight of a bare breast??? I’ve never met a man who was opposed to boobs. =)

    I would venture there was also probably someone on that flight with a low cut shirt on showing much more breast than the woman breastfeeding.

    It seems to me like the majority of people who are offended by nursing are women. Sad really.

  2. Amy

    I’m with Jessica – there was most likely a woman on that flight showing much more of her breasts with a cleavage bearing shirt. I think I would insist on the flight attendant offering them a blanket as well if they are veiwing nursing as too revealing.

    Not only that, but the crack revealing pants that are worn now. Or the underwear showing teenage boys.

  3. Gretchen

    I was asked ot cover up by a flight attendant while nursing my 3month old son. I was flying to Memphis from Boston with my son and husband to see family. Long story short. I saw the woman grab the flight attendant(she was 2 rows in front of me) When the attendant very politely asked me to cover up. I told her while I knew she was doing her job by trying to appease the woman who had no knowledge of my rights to feed my child, I would not cover myself with a blanket in a plane with inadequate air conditioning or any other place. I thanked her. When we were leaving the plane the woman actually called me a hippie. I responded by asking is ignorance a new degree they are handing out at colleges or can anyone get one. It is amazing that women appear to be less tolerant of women’s rights.

  4. Jessica Lynn

    “…is ignorance a new degree they are handing out at colleges or can anyone get one.”

    Gretchen…I love it! I’ll have to remember that! I can’t believe she called you a hippie!

  5. Amy

    hahahhaa Gretchen!!!! That is hilarious. Mostly the fact that she called you a hippie. To some that would actually be a compliment in this high tech, low tolerance day in age!!

    I too am filing away that one liner for future use. :)

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