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List of midwives and birth centers in Southern California

Looking to have a homebirth or birth center birth in Southern California? 

This is the most complete list I’ve ever seen. 

Not all of these midwives attend VBAC. 

Thank you to Sherry Rumsey for putting this together.

From Sherry:

I would like to ensure that the information being provided is accurate.  If you are a midwife listed here, please notify me of any changes.  Or, if you discover incorrect or outdated information, please let me know so I can follow up with the midwife.

Download the list here.

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4 comments to List of midwives and birth centers in Southern California

  • kelly

    I cannot find the list of birthing centers in california. I am quite desperate to find a birthing center in california that accepts VBACs. i am not pregnant though hoping to be in a few months and want to avoid the complications of my previous birthing experience. If you have another list or updated list i would be so very appreciative!


  • Mary Kay Ford

    I am looking to visit a hospital based birth center in Southern California. Do you have any listed?

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