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17 comments to Inspiring VBA3C Video

  • Tina R

    Truly enspiring!!!
    Gives me faith and hope for my future and all other mothers :-)))

  • Shannon V

    Thank you so much for posting this. I am pregnant with my 4th child in as many years and am truly terrified at the idea of having one more c-section. I don’t think that I could make the decision to have my baby at home because all of my children’s births are so close together. However, I am desperate to have a baby and not cry tears of sadness when he/she comes into the world. You give me hope–and I believe that above all at this point, faith and hope are what I need most. I have faith that the good Lord does not give more than can be handled, and that’s what I’m going on right now. Thank you again for posting this beautiful video and your beautiful story!

  • Annie K

    I too have had three sections and am hoping for a vba3c one day. I pray it will happen, maybe even here at home…

  • Megan S

    This video gives me FAITH! I have had 3 c-sections and I am prego with number 4 and I cannot bear to have another! I am planning a home birth with a midwife and I know that God will be with us each step of the way! Thank you for your inspiring video!

  • Carmen

    Thank you for sharing. I have an appointment on the 8th to inform my doctors their services will no longer be required on d-day:) This video just encouraged me even more.

  • Beautiful video. I had 2 successful VBAC’s after 3 cesarean sections… it can be done!!!

  • Laura

    thank you for this inspiring video. i cried the whole time watching it and even had to choke back a few tears as well. i just had my 3rd csection 5 weeks ago. it was suppose to be a vba2c but after laboring for well over 24 hours and getting to only 9 cm and a little bit of cervix left and worrying over my sons heartrate fluctuating, i got cut open again. i suffered ppd after his birth and your video has given me hope if we choose to have any more children.

  • Rusheika

    Thank you so much for posting this… I am pregnant with #4 and have had 3 c-sections… I have felt God telling me that this child will be born naturally but I am up against a mountain of opposition… I too have FAITH!

  • thea

    Because of videos like this and reading VBAC books, i am encouraged to have #4 at home. If you need encouragement to do the same please email me: painter412@juno.com

    We can all use the support!

  • Isha Singletary

    This video is helping me alot with my decition. I know if someone can have a healty baby after 3 c-sections, I can after having 1 c-section.

  • Mary

    I am due in a few weeks and currently have not found support for my vba3c. This is inspiring. I too have faith that God has blessed me with 3 wonderful children and now a 4th on the way. Most tell me I should be happy with healthy children and can’t understand why I wouldn’t sign up for another c-section. If God can heal and bless me with wonderful healthy beautiful children, why can’t He give me a wonderful birth experience from the way He designed it?

  • Marlene

    WOW!! amazing! I’m also hoping for a VBA3C but don’t even know where to start, the ican in my area wasn’t much help. I’ve emailed a few midwives but on their FAQ page it says they’ll only consider VBA1C :-( what should I do? any help is much appreciated.

    • Jen Kamel


      As the number of prior cesareans increase, the number of providers willing to attend your birth drastically decrease. There are OBs who attend VBA3C, but you will likely have to travel. I know Dr. Tate in Atlanta is one. I have also heard great things about Plenitude.



  • Linda

    I have had 4 non-medicated vaginal births, then forced into emergency c-section due to my daughter turning literally at the last moment. Then, again forced by these bans of vbac to go through scheduled c-sections three more times. I have given birth to 8 children. So, after 4 c-sections for non medical reasons, I am currently searching for a vbamc doctor or midwife for our next child….who may be on its way now as I am “late”. We will see :) If anyone can help a mom in Oklahoma(North Central) or even in Kansas, as we are close to the southern line of that state, we would be interested in hearing from you.

    As soon as the children and their friends are quiet, I will be watching your video. Thank you, for putting your video and experiences out there for all of us. You are inspiring many women to do what comes naturally, give birth the way they choose.

  • Linda

    I had posted yesterday and wanted to come back to post another comment after watching your video. I thought it was so awe inspiring and moving in an very emotional way. I am so proud of you and for you. Your video gives me strength and courage to do what I need to do. A little update…I tested yesterday, and I am expecting :) I was late but was not sure what I would see on that test. Imagine my surprise when the line stole the dye from the other line!!! Now, I am seriously on a journey of finding women close to me that are extremely supportive…..and a midwife or doctor who is pro-vbamc :)

    Thank you, for sharing the birth of your children with us. You inspire every woman who finds you here and in person I am sure :)

  • karlene

    absolutely amazing. i watched this and cried. im 28 mother of 5 and hoping and praying to have a vbac3

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