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Hospital triplet VBAC

I know I’ve been neglecting the blog lately. 

I see things daily that I want to write about, but never actually have the time between laundry, dishes, meal prep and daydreaming of going to the National Institutes of Health’s upcoming free conference entitled Consensus Development Conference on Vaginal Birth After Cesarean: New Insights.  I’m hoping to use my Southwest credit from the cancelled Controversies in Childbirth conference to make a little trip out to Bethesda.  We shall see.

I’ve been on Facebook a lot, where you can become my friend or a fan of the site, because committing to a small little 420 character blurb fits in quite well as I unload the dishwasher and retrieve my toddler off yet another piece of furniture. 

However, the best way to stay in touch with me and receive updates and coupons for upcoming classes, is to join my mailing list.  I am investigating my options for doing an on-line webinar as well, so stay tuned!

So I’m using this quiet moment, at 3am when my children are asleep and I can write this uninterrupted (oh, the luxury!!), to share something that is really special.

In the last few days, a woman had a VBAC with triplets with the legendary Dr. Tate of Atlanta, Georgia.

According to Doula Momma:

The details are just coming out about this VBAC but apparently the woman had her triplets in a hospital attended by Dr. Tate. I am assuming she went natural, as in unmedicated, as that’s generally the way with a VBAC with Dr. Tate.  From what I am reading so far, the first two babies were head down and the third was footling breech. Here are the babies stats according to the ICAN of Atlanta chapter posting.
3 girls, all vaginal, all Apgar 8/9.

A= 4# 6oz, 18.25in @ 10:24pm, vertex.
B= 6# 4oz, 18.25in @ 10:37pm, vertex.
c= 3# 11oz, 16.5in @ 10:39pm, double footling breech extraction.

All three babies are successfully breastfeeding as well.

In a time where VBAC is banned in 50% of US hospitals, either through formal or defacto bans, (ICAN 2009 Hospital Survey) and women of multiples believe that they have no other option but a surgical delivery for their children, this is a huge victory.  There are practitioners that support VBAC.  Maybe even one that lives close to you.  Learn more on finding a provider and your options for planning a VBAC here: I’m pregnant and want a VBAC, what do I do?

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8 comments to Hospital triplet VBAC

  • This is great for the birthing world!

  • What a gorgeous story! Last year I went to the births of 2 women who were attempting to VBAC with their twins. I was so excited, because I had never had that opportunity before. Alas, I learned I was naive. The money is not yet where the mouths are in my neck of the woods. I should have known the likelihood of vaginal births actually happening was super slim. One of the births I understand why they did another section, but the other I think the gun was seriously jumped. A VBAC of multiple and VBAC of a breech singleton is something I have not yet seen, but really want to.

  • Whitney

    I’m a member of the Atlanta ICAN chapter along with this trip mommy. Here are a few clarifications (Doula Momma has already updated).

    Doctor Tate delivered the babies with mom in the OR and using an epidural. To quote him, “Part of the reason for an epidural in a case like this, is that the 3rd baby is at the most risk and you may have to reach up and get it out quickly. That’s what actually happened.”

    The mother carried her trips to 38 weeks, which is a feat in itself. One baby is in the NICU to “grow and stay warm,” but the other two should have been released by the time of this update. All three continue to nurse well.

  • Dr. Tate is probably the MOST VBAC-supportive OB I have ever seen. He’s amazing!

  • crystal

    dr tate is my doctor. i drive 2+ hours so i can have a vbac. i am so thankful to him! no other doctors here will even talk to me about it. he is a blessing!

    • Jen from vbacfacts.com


      Having a supportive provider is such an important piece of the VBAC puzzle! Dr. Tate’s reputation is wonderful and I’m glad you found him! Now surround yourself with positive, supportive people!

      Happy pushing!



  • As a doula in Atlanta, I appreciate being in the delivery room with Dr. Tate. He believes that every woman should have a chance at a vaginal birth!

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