20 thoughts on “Myth: VBACs should never be induced

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  2. Gabor Sz.

    Our first born was an emergency C-sect 21 months before, due to pre-eclampsia on g. week #34. My wife (35) preferred a VBAC for baby #2 (also a girl) due 01/2016.
    The 2nd birth was a successful VBAC but there were lessons learned:
    -we should have studied which hospital/doctor would enable the VBAC the most flexible way – not at any cost, but to a reasonable extent. We were lucky to have the best doctor around on his schedule that time. We could have arranged a doctor if we wished to do so but only before g.week #20.
    -last 3 hours of labor was induced using oxytocin which was said to be not allowed on previous visits but the doctor conducting birth did let it
    -infusion and constant baby hr monitoring was used all time, no foods/drinks allowed.
    -after delivery,a touch-in check of the scar (previously measured by ultra sound as 5mm thick) – was performed in a short narcosis,so breastfeeding was almost instantly allowed afterwards.S car was found intact.
    Venue: Hungary,outside of Budapest

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