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5 comments to Uterine rupture rates after 40 weeks

  • Katie Reitman

    Thanks! You didn’t have to write something! You’re the best Jen !

    • Jen Kamel


      My answer to you was becoming so long, I figured I would share it here! :-)



  • Beth Jackson

    Are the 4680 women over 40 wks in the Caossolo study women who are 40wks to 40 wks 7 days, or is everyone over 40 wks and then broken down further with the figures for women over 41 wks? And same question question for the 41 wks + group… did they have any women 42 wks or more? Thanks!

    • Jen Kamel


      If I’m interpreting the charts correctly, the 4,680 women are all over 40 weeks.

      The 41+ week group includes all women over 41 weeks.

      They did not break out the data for women over 42 weeks.

      I hope this helps!


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