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VBAC Class Webinar Survey

Hi friends!

Well, the VBAC Summit was awesome.  Now I’m back and all fired up to schedule the next few classes.

However, teaching the class in person really limits me to the Southern California area.  So I’m considering offering the class via the internet, typically called a webinar.  A webinar is a on-line class where you call into a toll-free number where you can hear me talk live while simultaneously logging onto a special website where you can see all my slides.

Readers from all over the world have expressed interest in taking the class.  I’ve created a survey listing the days and times that I would be able to offer a webinar.  Please take the survey and let me know what works for you!

Click here to take survey

Feedback from the VBAC Summit

“You rocked your presentation. I learned sooooo much!” — Ana Paula Markel, Founder of BINI Birth

“I teach my clients and students that educating themselves is one of the most powerful paths to freedom. When it comes to birth—whether or not a woman is planning a VBAC–information is power.  Jen Vbacfacts Kamel has a masterful understanding of the research and she delivers it to mothers and birth workers in a clear, accessible, and applicable way. Thanks to Jen and www.VBACfacts.com this powerful body of knowledge can be used by all of us to cultivate the best possible birth experiences. — Christy Diane Farr, Life Coach with SeedsAndWeedsCoaching.com

“Jen Kamel blew me away with the personable nature in which she delivered stats and figures.  She clearly explained how women can use them to understand their options.  I wish every person out there who feels strange when dealing with the numbers vs intuition question would take this class and get a good look at what the integration of the two looks like.”  — Shannon Mitchell, doula & birth advocate

“What an amazing and informative presentation!!  Thank you so much for doing this ever-important work for birthing women!!! “  — Teresa Stire, PhDc, MA, student midwife, and VBA3C mom

Read more feedback.

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