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Help send VBAC Facts to the Womb Ecology Conference

I am looking to join forces with my readers to raise money via a WePay campaign so I may attend the Womb Ecology Conference (aka the Mid-Pacific Conference on Birth and Primal Health), developed by Michel Odent, in October.  Make a donation now!

Various levels of support receive gifts

For as little as $15, promote your birth business or event via VBACfacts.com which receives 9,800 visitors and 22,000 page loads per month. Please submit a 180×180 pixel PNG, JPG, or GIF that will be displayed on left or right sidebar and can be linked to your website.  Other gifts include VBAC Facts shirts (sizes and styles limited), VBAC FAQ cards, and VBAC Facts 1″ buttonView gifts by donation level.

What I’ve done and what I want to do

I have spent thousands of hours over the last several years reading and writing to build VBAC Facts to what it is today. Between the website and now the live and on-line classes, I am working diligently to support the mission of VBAC Facts: to make hard-to-find, interesting, and pertinent information relative to post-cesarean birth options easily accessible to the people who seek it.

I attended the 2009 ICAN Conference in Atlanta and the 2010 National Institutes of Health VBAC Conference in Maryland. I presented pre-conference and conference sessions at the 2012 VBAC Summit in Florida.  As I find information from high quality and reputable sources, it is shared with my readers via the website, the VBAC Facts Community, and the classes.

Sessions that excite me

Now I’m looking to attend the October Womb Ecology Conference. Gut colonization, as it relates to vaginal versus cesarean births, is cutting edge science.  This conference would be an incredible opportunity to expand my knowledge as many sessions focus on this important topic and others that are equally fascinating such as:

- The Misgav Ladach. Cesarean Section Methods and 22 Years of International Experience.

- Effect of mode of delivery on bacterial colonization of newborns.

- The similarities between the vaginal microflora and the gut microflora.

- Birth across Cultures: An Evolutionary Perspective.

- Hard data about the side effects of synthetic oxytocin.

- The fast evolution of obstetrics/midwifery in Japan, with Yoshihisa Fujita (obstetrician) and his daughter Naoko Natsume (midwife).

- The effects of disasters on childbirth.

- Infant skin structure, function, and microbiome development.

Not just knowledge, but networking

The Womb Ecology Conference would also be an incredible networking opportunity which could open the door for future speaking engagements further supporting the mission of VBAC Facts.  To be in the presence of, learn from, and even possibly meet birth legends like Michel Odent, Jan Tritten, Peggy O’Mara, Sarah Buckley, and Robbie Davis-Floyd, among the many other experts and professionals attending, would be a dream.  (Sarah Buckley and I did in fact meet at the Atlanta airport as we both arrived for the 2009 ICAN Conference.  I was wearing a VBAC Facts t-shirt and she approached me.  What an incredible feeling to know that she was familiar with the website!  How amazing is that?!)

Proposed budget

Last updated 9/20/12:

  • $275 – Conference registration (paid 9/17)
  • $380 – Airfare (paid 9/20- $20 less than budgeted!)
  • $0 – Hotel – I found someone to host me saving $275!
  • $200 – Food/gas contribution to host
  • $855 TOTAL ($300 less than initially budgeted!)

If you or your clients have enjoyed VBAC Facts, if it has helped you in any way, I would appreciate your support.  Click here to make a donation.  This campaign will end on Monday, October 29, 2010 at midnight PST.

Last updated 9/26/12

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