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When should the next on-line class be offered?

I’ve taught my “Truth About VBAC: History, Politics, & Stats” class throughout Southern California and recently presented it as a pre-conference session at the 2012 VBAC Summit in Miami, FL.

In a previous survey, readers said they would most likely attend an on-line class, called a webinar, offered on Sundays at 11am PST or on Wednesdays at 2pm PST.  (A webinar is when you attend the class from your computer.  It is a live class, not a recording.  You can hear my voice, see all my slides, and ask questions.)

I want to see how many people would actually buy tickets ($49 US) if I offered the two-part class on these dates:

Part 1: Sunday, Sept 30th 11am PST
Part 2: Sunday, October 7th 11am PST (note this is Columbus Day weekend)


Part 1: Wednesday, October 3rd 2pm PST
Part 2: Wednesday, October 10th 2pm PST

If you would buy tickets for either of those dates, please take this survey.

These are the only Sundays through the end of the year I could offer the on-line class.

I need at least 10-15 attendees to hold a class.  So if you think a friend might be interested, please share this survey with them.

As I’m trying to raise money so I can attend the Womb Ecology Conference, I’d love to get a class scheduled if there is enough interest.

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