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1:00 pm Speaker, 2015 Rally To Improve B... @ Third Street Promenade
Speaker, 2015 Rally To Improve B... @ Third Street Promenade
Sep 6 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Speaker, 2015 Rally To Improve Birth - Los Angeles @ Third Street Promenade | Santa Monica | California | United States
I’m so excited to speak at this event! Will you be there? What should our VBAC rally signs say? ______________________ Los Angeles Birth Community is bringing it to Santa Monica for the national Improving Birth[...]

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Introducing the Micro Brochure!

Don't freak, share the facts billboardI am so excited to announce the Micro Brochure, a folding business card that features the most important information on post-cesarean birth options as well as space for your contact information!

Due to their small size, they are convenient to carry and distribute without having bulky pamphlets in your pocket or purse.  It is easy to quickly pull one out of your pocket and hand it to a woman who:

  • has had a cesarean,
  • expressed interest in a VBAC,
  • is pregnant post-cesarean,
  • thinks VBAC is illegal,
  • is unaware of the risks of repeat cesareans, or
  • simply wants a VBAC, but doesn’t know where you start.

How many times have you run into a woman like this, and so what to say something, but can’t think of the right words?  Or worse, said the wrong thing?  Post-cesarean birth options can be a touchy subject and yet when someone expresses an interest in learning more, sometimes it can be hard to know where to start.  The Micro Brochure solves that problem.

If they are not interested, they simply throw it away.  However, if they are, these cards provide basic evidenced-based information for them to start their own research.


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