ACOG uses the words safe, reasonable, and appropriate to describe VBAC.
What words have you heard from your care provider?



For almost a decade, Jen Kamel has traveled the country as a California Board of Registered Nursing Continuing Education Provider speaking to professionals and parents.

She has presented at national conferences including the American Association of Birth Centers, GOLD Learning, DONA, Lamaze, International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN), and Human Rights in Childbirth.

Jen’s Presentations

“The Truth About VBAC”

Her signature program, “The Truth About VBAC,” is a six-hour comprehensive resource. Participants leave with clarity on VBAC, repeat cesarean, uterine rupture, home birth, hospital birth, and hospital VBAC bans. This continuing education training covers:

• Understanding current VBAC guidelines & evidence
• Why VBACs are “banned” in over 40% of American hospitals
• Uterine rupture: risk, rates, & outcomes
• Big babies, postdates, birth intervals, uterine thickness
• Public health implications of repeat cesareans
• Reviewing the evidence on hospital & out-of-hospital VBAC
• Deciphering birth myths, scare tactics, & informed consent

6.6 nursing continuing education hours. Program Length: 6 hours

“The Ethics & Realities of Forced Cesarean Surgery”

The Ethics & Realities of Forced Cesarean Surgery” is a one-hour program which explores the extreme disconnect between medical evidence, national guidelines, ethical responsibilities and the current maternity care system.

We will focus on the role of hospital “VBAC bans” which restrict access to vaginal birth after cesarean and mandate repeat cesarean as well as the public health fallout of such policies.

We will review how forced cesareans can occur in the face of national guidelines that denounce them while professional ethics simultaneously affirm and honor the autonomy of the pregnant person.

Finally we will close with how we can turn the tide, create change, and improve the care our clients and children will ultimately receive.

1.1 nursing continuing education hours. Program Length: 1 hour

“The 10 Things You Need to Know about VBAC”

“The 10 Things You Need to Know about VBAC” is a one-hour program that is customized based on the audience. We will review the most critical facts that parents, nurses, doctors, birth professionals, or any other group needs to know.

1.1 nursing continuing education hours. Program Length: 1 hour

Create Your Own Program

Based on the interests of your community or facility, Jen can focus on the importance of VBAC access, the public health implications of VBAC bans, and so much more. Let’s talk!

2 thoughts on “Speaking

  1. Kelly


    I was curious if you host public talks or only private. I’m currently taking the Lamaze CE course with Wendy Shiffer and she passed along your program!

    1. Jen Kamel Post author

      Hi Kelly!

      Most of the speaking engagements I do are open to the public with rare exception! Send me an email through the Contact page and let’s talk!




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