Over the past nine years, Jen Kamel has traveled the country as a California Board of Registered Nursing Continuing Education Provider speaking to birth professionals, medical providers, and parents.


She has presented at national conferences including the American Association of Birth Centers, GOLD Learning, DONA, Lamaze, International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN), and Human Rights in Childbirth.


Her presentations include:

  • Her signature program, “The Truth About VBAC,” is a six-hour comprehensive resource on VBAC. It strives to create a deep understanding of “the why” by providing political and historical context of the current VBAC climate. It’s not enough to know the risks and benefits if you don’t understand the political realities of VBAC access. We also provide medical and scientific context for understanding obstetrical risk and evaluating birth-related research. 6.6 nursing continuing education hours.
  • The Ethics & Realities of Forced Cesarean Surgery” is a one-hour program which explores the extreme disconnect between medical evidence, national guidelines, ethical responsibilities and the current maternity care system. We will focus on the role of hospital “VBAC bans” which restrict access to vaginal birth after cesarean and mandate repeat cesarean as well as the public health fallout of such policies. We will review how forced cesareans can occur in the face of national guidelines that denounce them while professional ethics simultaneously affirm and honor the autonomy of the pregnant person. Finally we will close with how we can turn the tide, create change, and improve the care our clients and children will ultimately receive.” 1.1 nursing continuing education hours.
  • “The 10 Things ___________ Need to Know about VBAC” is a one-hour program that is customized based on the audience. We will review the most critical facts that parents, nurses, doctors, birth professionals, or any other group needs to know. 1.1 nursing continuing education hours.
  • Create your own program. Based on the interests of your audience, Jen can focus on the importance of VBAC access, the public health implications of VBAC bans, and so much more.


Professional Speaking Engagements

Kamel, J. (2016, September 25). “The Ethics and Realities of Forced Cesarean Surgery.” American Association of Birth Centers Birth Institute Conference, Pittsburgh, PA.

Kamel, J. (2016, September 12). “The Ethics and Realities of Forced Cesarean Surgery.” GOLD Learning Online Symposium: Childbirth Education, Virtual Conference.

Kamel, J. (2015, August). “The 10 Things You Need to Know About VBAC.” DONA International Virtual Conference.

Kamel, J. (2014, November). “The Truth About VBAC.” Indiana Midwives Association Annual Conference, Ft Wayne, IL.

Kamel, J. (2014, May). “VBAC Facts vs. Fiction.” Birthing, Bonding, and Breastfeeding Conference, Rancho Mirage, CA.

Kamel, J. (2014, April). “The Politics of VBAC.” ICAN of Cleveland’s Women and Birth Symposium, Independence, OH.

Kamel, J. (2014, February 2-3). “The Politics of VBAC.” Oceans of Opportunity International Midwifery Conference Cruise.

Kamel, J. (2014, January 15). “10 Things that IBCLCs Need to Know About VBAC.” Praeclarus Press Webinar.

Kamel, J. (2014, January 6). “VBAC Facts vs. Fiction.” Berlin IE Birth Professional Hobnob, Ontario, CA.

Kamel, J. (2013, December). “Debunking the Myths About VBAC and Repeat Cesarean.” International Cesarean Awareness Network Webinar.

Kamel, J. (2013, October). “VBAC: Updating Students on Evidence and Practice Guidelines.” Lamaze International Webinar.

Kamel, J. (2013, August 15). “Allowing Evidence to Influence Practice.” HOMS Group Fireside Webinar.

Kamel, J. (2013, February). “VBAC Facts vs. Fiction.” ICAN of West Los Angeles Chapter, Culver City, CA.

Kamel, J. (2012, August 18). “VBAC: Deciphering Fact from Fiction.” VBAC Summit, Miami, FL.


Fischbein, S., Chavira, E., Kamel, J. (2016, May). “VBAC Bans & Access in Santa Barbara County.” ICAN of Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA.

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Gerber, H., Bennett, S., Magloire, C., Kamel, J. (2012, August 18). “There’s No Place But Home: VBAC When Options Are Limited.” VBAC Summit, Miami, FL.

“The Truth About VBAC” Workshops

Kamel, J. (2015, July). “The Truth About VBAC.” Oklahoma City, OK.

Kamel, J. (2015, May). “The Truth About VBAC.” Bird-in-Hand, PA.

Kamel, J. (2015, March). “The Truth About VBAC.” Cincinnati, OH.

Kamel, J. (2015, February). “The Truth About VBAC.” Winchester, VA.

Kamel, J. (2015, January). “The Truth About VBAC.” Orlando, FL.

Kamel, J. (2014, October). “The Truth About VBAC.” La Grange, IL.

Kamel, J. (2014, September). “The Truth About VBAC.” State College, PA.

Kamel, J. (2014, August 10). “The Truth About VBAC.” Austin, TX.

Kamel, J. (2014, August 9). “The Truth About VBAC.” Hurst, TX.

Kamel, J. (2014, July). “The Truth About VBAC.” Spokane, WA.

Kamel, J. (2014, June). “The Truth About VBAC.” Sacramento, CA.

Kamel, J. (2014, March). “The Truth About VBAC.” Atlanta, GA.

Kamel, J. (2014, February 23). “The Truth About VBAC.” Reston, VA.

Kamel, J. (2014, February 9). “The Truth About VBAC.” Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Kamel, J. (2014, February 8). “The Truth About VBAC.” Ft. Myers, FL.

Kamel, J. (2014, January 25). “The Truth About VBAC.” Vista, CA.

Kamel, J. (2013, November 3). “The Truth About VBAC.” Tampa, FL.

Kamel, J. (2013, November 2). “The Truth About VBAC.” Tallahassee, FL.

Kamel, J. (2013, September 29). “The Truth About VBAC.” Sherman Oaks, CA.

Kamel, J. (2013, September 21). “The Truth About VBAC.” Yucca Valley, CA.

Kamel, J. (2013, August 18). “The Truth About VBAC.” Rumson, NJ.

Kamel, J. (2013, August 17). “The Truth About VBAC,” Wilmington, DE.

Kamel, J. (2013, July). “The Truth About VBAC.” Buffalo, NY.

Kamel, J. (2013, April 6). “The Truth About VBAC.” Portland, OR.

Kamel, J. (2013, January). “The Truth About VBAC.” Costa Mesa, CA.

Kamel, J. (2012, August 17). “The Truth About VBAC.” Miami, FL.

Kamel, J. (2010, March). “The Truth About VBAC.” Los Angeles, CA.

Kamel, J. (2009, October). “The Truth About VBAC.” Claremont, CA.

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