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Call-in center: medications during lactation and pregnancy

I received this via email today and thought I would share.  If you need information when the InfantRisk Center is closed another resource is www.safefetus.com.


Dr. Hale’s InfantRisk Center is now open.

Dr. Thomas Hale is a Health Advisory Council Member of LLLI. Dr. Hale is the author of the book Medications and Mothers Milk: A Manual of Lactational Pharmacology. The book is updated every two years. The latest edition is 2010.

The InfantRisk call-in center is taking calls from professionals and parents about medications used during lactation and pregnancy.

The InfantRisk Center is open Monday through Friday, from […]

First United, now WestJet – Not family friendly

A few months ago, I wrote about my experience flying on United airlines.

Now WestJet has made the news by harassing a breastfeeding customer.

“[The flight attendant] came up and said quietly, ‘You know, some men find the sight of a bare breast quite offensive. Can I offer you a blanket to cover up with?” Tarbuck said on Wednesday.

Tarbuck declined the offer of a blanket, but one was brought to her anyway. “I was pretty shocked,” said Tarbuck.

Tarbuck said on the WestJet flight, she was nursing discreetly, and the only other people in her row were her […]

Breastfeeding with Inverted Nipples

Note: I wrote this in Fall 2005. My son was born 10 days ago and breastfeeding has been a breeze in comparison to what I went through breastfeeding my daughter, K. I share this information because I want women with inverted nipples to know that it is absolutely possibly to exclusively breastfeed your child.

Breastfeeding can be a challenge. I know this first hand. It’s hard to believe that after all the problems I had getting breastfeeding established, I am now nursing a toddler. I am living proof that if you want to breastfeed, finding a good knowledgeable lactation consultant, […]