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My crazy raw beet salad


I have once again been inspired by Wardeh at GNOWGFLINS.

I enjoy salads, but I am burned out on romaine lettuce . . . and spinach . . . and even that great box of organic mixed greens at Costco.  So, I would buy all these things and then never make salad.

Then I read [...]

Reuse that jar!

I had an epiphany a few months back.  While I was going to Target to buy plastic Snapwear and CostPlus to buy glass spice jars, I was throwing perfectly good glass jars in the recycler.  So I started cleaning these jars and a revolution began in my house.  I have simultaneously reduced the amount of [...]

Yes, you can cook delicious, flavorful food in a crock pot

I love to cook and, before kids, I loved spending a couple hours sipping a glass of wine, listening to beautiful music, and making dinner.  Now I have two children, times have changed, and by the end of the day, I am pooped. 

I still have the desire to spend all that time lovingly [...]

Researching Slope Ground Cover & Lawn Alternatives in Southern California

I hate lawns.

I don’t like watering them.  Yes, we have sprinklers but I just think it is such a waste of water to try to force a lawn to grow and stay green where it is over 90 degrees for at least three months out of the year.

I don’t like mowing them and [...]

Why we didn’t circumcise

In America in 2006, a little over half of all boys were circumcised and in the Western states, where we live, only a third were.  We didn’t circumcise our son because when I questioned why we would cut some skin off his penis, I couldn’t think of one good reason.  I just couldn’t help but [...]

Awesome website about food & living simply – GNOWFGLINS™

Do you ever come across a website that is so incredible, so chockfull of interesting, useful everyday information that you are compelled to share it with everyone you know?

That is how I feel about GNOWFGLINS™.

I’ve spent the past hour bouncing on my yoga ball trying to get my baby to sleep and, while [...]

Plum bake-off status

I’ve spend the last few days picking, cleaning, slicing … making chutney, plum butter & ginger plum jam …. canning, freezing … making a pie… my first plum pie… it was heavenly and I really want to bust out a few more pies and freeze them.. you can get the recipes I used here.

Delia [...]

Recipes for when you have a ton of plums

So today DH and I canned for the first time and it was so cool!  Our plum tree is loaded with fruit and after to many years of fruit rotting on the ground only to be collected and composted (via our super-cool Compost Twin), we decided to actually start processing these sweet little gifts and [...]

Buying Grass-Fed Beef in California

I’m interested in eating grass-fed beef because it’s better for us to eat, for the environment, and for the cows.  And who doesn’t like happy cows grazing on a hillside rather than standing in their own slop?  A group of families in my local homeschooling group are interested in collecting our resources and purchasing a [...]

Inexpensive, easily found BPA-free sippy cups

I wrote this piece on my search for the perfect sippy cup only to realize that the “cheap plastic sippy cups” (Take & Toss cups) I refer to are made of the safe #5 plastic.  They are inexpensive, found at any major retailer, and are BPA, DEHA, and phthalate free!  Born Free cups are currently [...]

Recipes from K’s Birthday

I’ve been wanting to share recipes I love for a while and just didn’t know where to begin, but having K’s birthday party this past weekend has finally given me that perfect starting place.

Mommies need recipes that are tasty, nutritious, easy to make, and maybe even have a component or two where your young [...]

Controlling the Crap Tsunami OR Great Birthday Gifts for Kids

Today I completed a project that’s been hanging over my head for a long time: cleaning and organizing my almost 4 year old’s room.  Not just putting things away, but throwing out broken toys, loner socks, and packing away clothes she’s outgrown.  It was quite a day!

It is really amazing how much stuff she [...]

Breastfeeding & Flu Update with an eBay Listing Bonus!

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about how I was recovering from the flu and tandem nursing my almost 4 year old daughter & 3 month old son so they wouldn’t get sick.  I wondered if my kids would get this awful flu.

Well, it’s been 2 1/2 weeks since I got sick and while [...]

Won’t be Flying on United Airlines Again Anytime Soon

I’ve had the opportunity to fly with children cross-country twice this year, once on Northwest and once on United.

Northwest offers early boarding for those traveling with small children which was so great as I was traveling by myself with my 2 month old baby.  It was so nice to be able to board the [...]