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An OB you like or who makes you comfortable isn’t enough

Many women do not interview OBs/midwives when selecting their VBAC care provider.  They either stay with the GYN who has been providing their well-woman care or the same OB who performed their cesarean because they like them.

Women they really believe that if they are good patients, if they are friendly, if they don’t [...]

A letter to a hospital questioning their VBAC ban

A mom in Southern California sent me this letter that she sent to her local hospital.  With her permission, I’m sharing it here.  The hospital did respond to her in writing, which you can read here.


February 18, 2008

Dear _________,

I am a mother of a toddler who was born by cesarean. I [...]

Example of a Great Letter to the Editor

Writing a Letter to the Editor is a great way to reach large number of people.  Below is a great example of how you can quickly pen a letter and increase awareness.

More options for women

The front page of the Jan. 20 St. Louis Post-Dispatch featured women birthing at home with midwives. The legalization [...]

How to write a letter if you can’t attend the rally for HB 1407…


For Maryland residents: Just click on this link and look up who your Maryland state delegates are. This bill is before the House so you are only writing to your delegates and not your senators.

For those living outside of Maryland, send your letter to the Committee Health and Government Operations Committee (HGO) Room [...]

Letter to Insurance Requesting Homebirth Coverage

Below is a letter I’m posting with permission from the poster.  I’m sharing it here because I hope that others would benefit from the structure as this letter resulted in CIGNA covering their home birth after initially rejecting their claim.

The strength of this letter lies in a few key pieces of information.  First, it [...]

Utilizing Your "Right of Informed Refusal" to Achieve HBAC/VBAC

I am so thankful that I live in California where it is legal for midwives to attend homebirths.  Many women around the country who live in more rural areas are faced with the choice of an unwanted repeat surgery at their single local hospital that has “banned” VBACs or in a state where it is [...]