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Worried about your bank and losing your money?

When I heard this morning about Washington Mutual, I started to really get worried.  I am concerned about the apparent domino affect of all these failing financial institutions and the implications for our retirement savings, which are, thankfully, not at WaMu.

So I called our CPA who told me about EDIE the Estimator.  EDIE is [...]

Why we didn’t circumcise

In America in 2006, a little over half of all boys were circumcised and in the Western states, where we live, only a third were.  We didn’t circumcise our son because when I questioned why we would cut some skin off his penis, I couldn’t think of one good reason.  I just couldn’t help but [...]

Buying Grass-Fed Beef in California

I’m interested in eating grass-fed beef because it’s better for us to eat, for the environment, and for the cows.  And who doesn’t like happy cows grazing on a hillside rather than standing in their own slop?  A group of families in my local homeschooling group are interested in collecting our resources and purchasing a [...]

Inexpensive, easily found BPA-free sippy cups

I wrote this piece on my search for the perfect sippy cup only to realize that the “cheap plastic sippy cups” (Take & Toss cups) I refer to are made of the safe #5 plastic.  They are inexpensive, found at any major retailer, and are BPA, DEHA, and phthalate free!  Born Free cups are currently [...]