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The cost of getting your medical records

When considering your post-cesarean birth options, it’s good to know what type of uterine incision you have.  The only way to verify this is by getting a copy of your operative report from the hospital where you had your cesarean.  I recommend bringing copies of your operative report when interviewing care providers as [...]

Once a cesarean, you become uninsurable?

Things are harder once you have a cesarean – limited future childbirth options, future potential complications in your own body, future potential complications with babies, future potential complications getting and staying pregnant, and now complications with insurance.  I read this article in the New York Times and my stomach turned.  This is yet one more [...]

Changing policies on vaginal birth after cesarean: impact on access.

Birth. 2007 Dec;34(4):316-22. Changing policies on vaginal birth after cesarean: impact on access.

Roberts RG, Deutchman M, King VJ, Fryer GE, Miyoshi TJ.Department of Family Medicine, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine & Public Health, Madison, Wisconsin 53715, USA.

BACKGROUND: The issue of vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) has become highly visible and contentious. [...]

Physician Credential Verification by State

Want to know if your doctor has been subject to a board hearing or disciplinary note? 

Here is a link to the State Board sites for all 50 states.