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An OB you like or who makes you comfortable isn’t enough

Many women do not interview OBs/midwives when selecting their VBAC care provider.  They either stay with the GYN who has been providing their well-woman care or the same OB who performed their cesarean because they like them.

Women they really believe that if they are good patients, if they are friendly, if they don’t [...]

The cost of getting your medical records

When considering your post-cesarean birth options, it’s good to know what type of uterine incision you have.  The only way to verify this is by getting a copy of your operative report from the hospital where you had your cesarean.  I recommend bringing copies of your operative report when interviewing care providers as [...]

Physician Credential Verification by State

Want to know if your doctor has been subject to a board hearing or disciplinary note? 

Here is a link to the State Board sites for all 50 states.

Midwifery Legislative Update aka Making homebirth legal in more states

I recently found a fantastic website called The Mommy Blawg that chronicles the intersection of mommyhood and the law.  Her latest post discusses recent midwifery legislation in Alabama, Idaho, Maryland, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, and South Dakota.

She links to another great website: “The Big Push For Midwives, launched on January 24, is [...]

Example of a Great Letter to the Editor

Writing a Letter to the Editor is a great way to reach large number of people.  Below is a great example of how you can quickly pen a letter and increase awareness.

More options for women

The front page of the Jan. 20 St. Louis Post-Dispatch featured women birthing at home with midwives. The legalization [...]

Difficult vaginal births at home

People are absolutely amazed when they learn I had a home birth.  Their response usually includes some variation of, “You can’t get an epidural at home, right?”  And while my birth was painful, I also don’t regret experiencing that pain as I know the risks present in the alternative, an epidural in the hospital, could [...]