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Looking for supportive labor and delivery nurse stories

I’ve written a lot about the importance of finding a truly supportive OB for a hospital-based birth.  But your labor and delivery (L&D) nurse plays an equally pivotal role.

From Why homebirth/HBAC:

Most births in the hospital environment are managed by L&D (labor and delivery) nurses, with your OB arriving just in time to catch [...]

The cost of getting your medical records

When considering your post-cesarean birth options, it’s good to know what type of uterine incision you have.  The only way to verify this is by getting a copy of your operative report from the hospital where you had your cesarean.  I recommend bringing copies of your operative report when interviewing care providers as [...]

Cesarean and VBAC Rates of Virginia Hospitals

I’m hoping to compile this info for all 50 states.  One more down…


Physician Credential Verification by State

Want to know if your doctor has been subject to a board hearing or disciplinary note? 

Here is a link to the State Board sites for all 50 states.