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Action Item: Please help VBAC Facts

Update 7/8/10 9:54am – I am very happy to report that last Wednesday I deposited a refund check and it has since cleared.  Thank you to Robbie-Davis Floyd for facilitating the refund!

Update 5/25/10 11:00am – Thank you to those who suggested I contact Robbie Davis-Floyd.  She and I exchanged emails yesterday and we have [...]

A Whole New Look

I am so excited about the new look & feel of vbacfacts.com.  Now you can easily subscribe via email to posts and comments as well as share individual posts via print, email, or social networking sites.  I’m still working out the final kinks at 2am because, as any mom of young kids knows, that is [...]

Pictures of Cervix for 33 Days

As anyone who has used NFP knows, being aware of your cervical position coupled with your basal body temperature and cervical mucous can help you can avoid pregnancy without any chemical or barrier birth control method.  In addition, since you know when you are fertile, you can pursue pregnancy.

Being someone who loves charts, numbers, [...]

Is VBAC Illegal?

This post was updated and expanded in February 2009 and can be read here:

Is VBAC Illegal? Is homebirth illegal?

Map of Visitors!

I just added a really cool widget from ClustrMaps to the site that maps out where visitors to the site are coming from.  Unfortunately, I can’t import the data from StatCounter which shows I’ve already had over 500 unique visitors!  I love maps, so I thought I would share the map generated by StatCounter.