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What I said on a message board (I’m so tired of women chasing their tails)

Two women fighting and screaming

Last week there was yet another “chasing our tails” debate about VBAC vs. repeat cesarean on yet another VBAC/ birth/ parenting message board on-line.  You’ve seen them.  They usually degenerate into:

“You are selfish for planning a VBAC!”

“Yeah?  Well you are uninformed for planning a repeat cesarean!”

[Insert accusations of martyrdom for planning an [...]

Some people think I’m anti-this/ pro-that: My advocacy style

stack of rocks balancing in grass

The way I do things

I have a little different method  of advocacy with which you may be unfamiliar. Rather than advocating for a specific decision, I advocate for access to information. Specifically, the mission of VBAC Facts is to make hard-to-find, interesting, and pertinent information relative to post-cesarean birth options easily accessible [...]

Introducing the Micro Brochure!

Don't freak, share the facts billboard

I am so excited to announce the Micro Brochure, a folding business card that features the most important information on post-cesarean birth options as well as space for your contact information! [...]

Join the VBAC Facts E-List!

Join the E-List!

So it only took my kids going way for a couple nights and football season to start for me to have a moment to finally figure out how to use SendBlaster!

I have had it installed on my computer for years, but with everything else going on, I had yet to [...]

Help send VBAC Facts to the Womb Ecology Conference


I am looking to join forces with my readers to raise money via a WePay campaign so I may attend the Womb Ecology Conference, developed by Michel Odent, in October. [...]

New VBAC documentary “Trial of Labor”

I’m so excited for the latest VBAC documentary, “Trial of Labor,” to come out!

One of the filmmakers, Robert Humphreys, attended a class I taught in Los Angeles in March 2010 so I feel a special connection to this project which has ICAN’s stamp of approval.

There is still time for you to help bring [...]

“Maternally Yours” Radio Interview Show Notes 7/31/12

on air

In July 2012, I was interviewed by a community radio station in Florida. I was asked about who made a good VBAC candidate, the risks and benefits of VBAC, the laws relating to VBAC, navigating VBAC bans, and popular VBAC myths. [...]

Come join the VBAC Facts Community!

Hi friends!

After many requests, I finally decided to dive in and start a VBAC Facts Community on Facebook!

Come join us!

Confusing math misleads women on uterine rupture and mortality risk

VBAC Facts reviews a blog post that shares a study on VBAC along with statistics the blogger calculates, many of which misrepresents the risk of uterine rupture and infant mortality during a VBAC attempt demonstrating why it is important to not only know the source of the statistics, but also know that the blogger can do simple math. [...]

How to prepare a quick presentation on VBAC

Someone recently contacted me because they were asked to speak about VBAC vs. repeat cesarean. Below is what I wrote. If you have the opportunity to speak to a group, maybe you would find this information helpful. It is by no means comprehensive. The class I developed is 4 hours long. But this is a [...]

American Women Speak About VBAC

In an effort to bring the consumer perspective to the 2010 NIH VBAC Conference, Jennifer Kamel, Founder of VBAC Facts, asked women across America, “Why is the option of VBAC important to you?” This is what they said. [...]

10/24 VBAC Class, Free Tickets, 2010 Class Schedule, & Upcoming CA Birth Events

Claremont VBAC Class

The "Truth About VBAC" seminar in Claremont, California is 8 days away on Saturday, October 24th from 1p – 4p.  Don’t miss out on your opportunity to experience an extensive review of the best VBAC and repeat cesarean research as well as learn specific, practical tools to maximize the likelihood of hospital [...]

Please share your stories of insurance discrimination!

I’m forwarding this from ICAN.  Please forward far and wide.  We have the government’s attention.  They are ready to hear our stories.  Let’s turn the frustration, anger, and pain into real change!

If you have have discriminated against due to your prior cesarean, our government needs to hear about it!

ICAN needs stories about discriminatory [...]

$100,000 VBAC Giveaway!

The Los Angeles based Berlin Wellness Group is sponsoring a $100,000 VBAC Giveaway.

What Is It…                                                                 

To further support women’s right to choose their birthing experience, Berlin Wellness is offering gift certificates totally for $100,000 in labor preparation and prenatal services to women planning a VBAC.

What We’re Offering…

In exchange for our amazing [...]

Due to popular demand – the FAQ Card

VBAC Facts FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Card

These premium 100lb 3.5″ x 2″ matte finish business cards contain the answers to the most frequently asked VBAC questions.  Due to their small size, they are convenient to carry and distribute without having bulky pamphlets in your pocket or purse.  It is very easy to quickly [...]