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Interested in promoting vbacfacts.com?

If you have a blog or website and are a natural childbirth advocate, I have created a new page called Advocacy where I have rotating ads as well as printable PDF flyers for your use and distribution.

Additionally, you can help by sharing the VBAC Class page via Facebook, MySpace, email, Twitter as well as [...]

Follow Up on the VBAC Class on 3/20/09 & more classes in the future

I so enjoyed the VBAC Class last Friday and hope those who attended did too.  A special thanks to those who drove over an hour to come.  While scheduled to be an hour, my presentation ended up being 2.5 hours!  After cutting it down for a couple weeks, I couldn’t cut any more.  I apologize [...]

Don’t need to be pregnant for the VBAC Class this Friday 3/20

The VBAC Class is this Friday and I’m so excited!  We are looking forward to a great turnout and we will be discussing a lot of new information & recent studies that I haven’t had a chance to put on the site yet.

I’ve received a couple emails from women saying that they aren’t pregnant [...]

Southern California VBAC Class

Time and Place

Date: Friday, March 20, 2009

Time: 7:00pm – 8:30pm

Location: Oaks House

Street: 13770 Oaks Ave

City/Town: Chino, CA View Map Contact Info

Phone: (909)464-0974  Oaks House

Email: info at vbacfacts dot com Description

The information is geared towards women with prior cesareans, currently pregnant or not, who are interested in [...]

I’m going to Atlanta!

So, after writing this post and much thought and discussion with the hubby, we’ve decided to go to the ICAN Conference!  Yes, the entire family!  Hubby will be with the kids during the day sight-seeing and I will be filling my mind with greatness trying to absorb all the knowledge available during those few days.  [...]

VBAC Facts Shirts, Mugs, & Bags Available at Cafe Press

In preperation for the Open House tomorrow, I was designing some flyers and created something that I liked so much, I’m going to pin it on my shirt, as promised.

I also used it to add some new products to the VBAC Facts store at Cafe Press, including a ton of shirts and hoodies.

An [...]

Come to the Oaks House Open House and Meet Me!

If you are in Southern California this weekend, come support a local midwife, explore her birth center, watch Orgasmic Birth, and meet me!  I’ll be there the whole time, so if you want to chat, have questions, or just need some encouragement, come on by!

You will be able to tell who I am easily.  [...]

Great sessions at the ICAN Conference in April 2009

First, an apology.  I have been greatly neglecting the site and I’m sorry.  Unfortunately, my son has been an keyboard pounder for the past few months and a full-on walker in the last week, which means the time he is asleep is the only time I get to type as well as everything else.  And [...]

VBACFacts on Facebook!

In an effort to reach more women before they have their first child or their second cesarean, VBACFacts is now on Facebook!

So come visit and become a fan!

Spread the word about VBAC

If you are a VBAC warrior, promote VBAC as you live your daily life.  Who knows who you will inspire as your car sits parked at the grocery store.  What conversations will it start?  Who will you influence to question the “repeat cesarean track” and consider a different option?

If you are a birth professional [...]

Support hospital birth with CNMs in Southern California – Petition & Meeting

Download the petition supporting the option to have Nurse-midwives attend births in Orange County Hospitals, get 25 people to sign and bring it to the September 23 meeting at UCI.

CABO presents: Town Hall MeetingPalo Verde CommonsUniversity of California, IrvineIrvine, CA 92697 September 23rd at 6:30pm

Also download PRINTABLE Town Hall Meeting Flyer and [...]

VBAC Ban Protest at Cottage Hospital

Cottage Hospital must think we are idiots.

They claim there is no “VBAC ban,” but if you look at their VBAC & CS rates, you will see that three women, three, had VBACs there in 2006, which gave them a VBAC rate of 0.9%.  That means that 99.1% of women have repeat cesareans at Cottage [...]

Attorneys looking for VBAC ban victims

This was emailed out on the ICAN list:


Dear Friends,

As you are likely aware, many women are denied access to VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) because of hospital policies and outright bans. Attorneys with the Northwest Women’s Law Center in Seattle are looking at this issue.

It requires that the woman is planning [...]

A VBAC Supportive OB’s Response to the AMA’s Statement on Homebirth

On June 15, 2008, the American Medical Association published their 2008 legislative resolutions which you can view here.  Resolution 205, entitled “Home Deliveries,” expresses their desire to eliminate homebirth. 

Below is a response written by Stuart J. Fischbein, MD FACOG, Medical Director of the Birth Action Coalition.  OBs like this are few are far [...]

Homebirth Petition

This was emailed out on one of the lists I’m on…

Dear Friends,Resolutions were recently introduced by the AMA to support ACOG’s position against home birth and to “develop model legislation in support of the concept that the safest setting for labor, delivery, and the immediate post-partum period is in the hospital, or a birthing [...]