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VBAC: A husband’s experience and lessons learned


“I have just seen so many women who have husbands who aren’t supportive because they don’t understand. My husband would love to help more men understand.”

A couple recently shared their VBA2C (vaginal birth after two cesareans) journey with me.  It touched my heart.  My the time I was done reading it, I [...]

Woman has 4th cesarean, 8 hour surgery, and requires 33 gallons of blood

What a miracle this woman survived!  This was her fifth baby and fourth cesarean.

She had a complication known as placenta percreta which is when “the placenta attaches itself and grows through the uterus, sometimes extending to nearby organs, such as the bladder” (March of Dimes 2012).  The risk of having placenta accreta, increta, [...]

Temecula breech movie screening 9/11

As a mom who had her cesarean due to footling breech presentation, I’m so excited to see this movie as well as be on the panel afterwards!  If you can join us, please RSVP via the email address below.

I’ll have the following handouts available:

Quick Facts (download the PDF) American Women Speak About VBAC [...]

American Women Speak About VBAC

In an effort to bring the consumer perspective to the 2010 NIH VBAC Conference, Jennifer Kamel, Founder of VBAC Facts, asked women across America, “Why is the option of VBAC important to you?” This is what they said. [...]

An OB you like or who makes you comfortable isn’t enough

Many women do not interview OBs/midwives when selecting their VBAC care provider.  They either stay with the GYN who has been providing their well-woman care or the same OB who performed their cesarean because they like them.

Women they really believe that if they are good patients, if they are friendly, if they don’t [...]

Women gives birth vaginally in her car after three cesareans (VBA3C)

I love this!  I meet women all the time whose confidence in their bodies has been dashed by the “failure to progress” diagnosis they received in past labors.  This woman had three cesareans, all with that same diagnosis, because, as she says, she got to the hospital to early.  And look what happens when she [...]

Birth Story: Twin Vaginal Birth After Two Cesareans (VBA2C)

Two weeks ago, a woman gave birth.

Two weeks ago, a woman gave birth vaginally.

Two weeks ago, a woman gave birth vaginally after two cesareans.

Two weeks ago, a woman gave birth vaginally after two cesareans to twins.

And it happened in a hospital.

She is an incredible inspiration.

There were elements that could [...]

Neonatal nurse has a homebirth VBAC

This is a great birth story, published with permission, of a woman who had a cesarean for “small pelvis” and then VBACed a larger baby at home!  Since she is a neonatal nurse, it’s interesting to read why she chose HBAC and how she thinks her birth would have gone differently had she labored in [...]

Hospital VBAC turned CS due to constant scare tactics

A huge red flag for me is when an OB states upfront at the first prenatal visit, “the main goal is a healthy baby and mom.”  Why would the OB say something that is really so obvious, it should go without saying?  Because by explicitly vocalizing it as a response to a VBAC inquiry, the [...]

VBACing Against the Odds

So many women tell me how brave I was to have a homebirth, let alone a home birth after cesarean (HBAC.)  But I think the real heroes are the women who manage a vaginal birth, especially after a cesarean, in a hospital.  The deal is so stacked against you and many women find that they [...]

Celebrity VBAC: Kate Winslet

The March 2004 issue of Gotham Magazine contained a great interview with Kate Winslet where she discusses the births of her two children: one an emergency cesarean and the other a VBAC.  It goes to show what incredible healing can occur for some women when they VBAC.

G: So, did vou do the delivery au [...]

Repeat cesarean ends in hysterectomy

I just read this post and it breaks my heart…

The emotional & physical pain that cesareans cause

This is a sad post I’m sharing with permission from a new member of the ICAN email support group.  I’m hoping this post will inspire that person who is ‘on the fence’ between VBAC and repeat cesarean to make the extra effort and fight for that VBAC rather than mourn yet another cesarean.


I [...]