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Picture montage of Russian couple in India

What a beautiful montage of a couple’s journey through pregnancy and labor.  Not only are the pictures of her growing belly lovely, but they live in India… so colorful and vibrant.  You almost feel like you are experiencing their pregnancy with them.  He has more pictures here.

The original language of the site is Russian, [...]

HBAC Waterbirth in Kentucky

If you’d like to post on this woman’s blog, you can find it here.


Breech Homebirth

Another great birth video featuring a breech homebirth from Australia…


Natural/Vaginal Birth of Twins and Triplets Video

This is such a cool video that questions the conventional wisdom about twins. 

It questions that twins are always born via cesarean. 

It questions that twins are always early. 

It questions that women can’t vaginally birth twins if it’s the mom’s first vaginal birth.

It questions that women can’t vaginally birth twins [...]

Twin vaginal birth (double footling breech) video

Update 8/21/10: It’s been brought to my attention that the video I linked to below, which was once public, has been made private.

Wow!  (I start to many birth video posts with that word!)  But, still, wow!

This is an incredible video from Russia showing the vaginal birth of twins and the second child is [...]

VBA2C Birth Video

VBA2C = VBAC after 2 cesareans

Click here to view.

Question "CPD"

So many women have their first cesarean for CPD and go on to VBAC larger babies.  This is an excellent montage of women who have done just that!  And you can to!!!


Twin HBAC Birth Video

Who says twins can’t be born vaginally, let alone at home, let alone a VBAC!?