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Cesarean Section Consent Form

From Another VBAC Consult Misinforms:

[My OB] did not mention risks to repeat c-sections.  When I brought it up he said there aren’t any except the obvious risks that come with any surgery.

It’s because some OBs continue to mislead their patients about the risks of cesareans that I share this excellent cesarean section consent [...]

Response to OB: Scare tactics vs. informed consent aka why I started this website

I receive this comment on the post Hospital VBAC turned CS due to constant scare tactics:

I am very disheartened by the tone of this website. I am a board certified Ob/gyn and a very strong advocate for VBACs, IF a patient chooses one within the hospital guidelines. I DO believe and say to my [...]

Cesarean Section Consent Form… for OBs

Women seeking VBAC are sometimes required to sign “VBAC Consent Forms” which usually list the (exaggerated) risks VBAC, the (minimized) risks of cesareans with no mention of the benefits of vaginal birth for mom or baby.  This causes many women seeking VBAC much frustration because, unless you have done your research, you are left with [...]