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Thoughts on VBA3+C (VBAC after three or more prior cesareans)

Childhood Girls

A mom recently asked over on the VBAC Facts Community, “Does anyone have some facts on vab3c?” I provided this mish-mash of info… [...]

VBAC bans, exercising your rights, and when to contact an attorney

Gavel and Law Books

“Does the hospital have the right to stop contractions and section the patient? This is what I’m hearing in my birthing community and I really cannot believe a hospital would/could do that.” [...]

Options for mom who will be “forced” to have a repeat cesarean


I just received this email tonight and need ideas quick. This term mom seeking VBA2C is in the the Columbia area of South Carolina. Her OB was supportive until 37 weeks. Her cesarean is scheduled in two days on March 5, 2012. She was told that if she shows up in labor, she will be “forced” to have a cesarean. Does anyone know of a care provider in her area that would be willing to accept a new client this late in pregnancy? What other options does she have? Additionally, I’m looking for information on the legality of a hospital/OB “forcing” a c/s? What happens if she shows up at the current hospital and refuses to sign the c/s consent form? What exactly CAN they do?? [...]

Please share your stories of insurance discrimination!

I’m forwarding this from ICAN.  Please forward far and wide.  We have the government’s attention.  They are ready to hear our stories.  Let’s turn the frustration, anger, and pain into real change!

If you have have discriminated against due to your prior cesarean, our government needs to hear about it!

ICAN needs stories about discriminatory [...]

Interview with Dr. Fischbein: An Inside Look at Hospitals and VBAC Bans

Q: Don’t hospitals ban VBAC because it is dangerous? A: They ban VBACs under the guise of patient safety. But patient safety is a euphemism for “we don’t have a good evidence-based reason to do it, other than we don’t want to get sued, it’s more expedient, and we make more money from c-sections—the hospital does, not necessarily the physician, but the hospital does—so we’re going to ban it because it’s easier for us, and we’re going to say it’s for patient safety because of the risk of rupturing the uterus.” [...]

Is VBAC Illegal? Is homebirth illegal?

This post was originally published June 14, 2008.  It has since been updated to include more information on the technicalities of homebirth.

I have incredible software on this website called StatCounter and through that I’m able to see what search engine queries bring people to the site.

I’ve noticed more queries asking if VBAC is [...]

A VBAC Supportive OB’s Response to the AMA’s Statement on Homebirth

On June 15, 2008, the American Medical Association published their 2008 legislative resolutions which you can view here.  Resolution 205, entitled “Home Deliveries,” expresses their desire to eliminate homebirth. 

Below is a response written by Stuart J. Fischbein, MD FACOG, Medical Director of the Birth Action Coalition.  OBs like this are few are far [...]

Homebirth Petition

This was emailed out on one of the lists I’m on…

Dear Friends,Resolutions were recently introduced by the AMA to support ACOG’s position against home birth and to “develop model legislation in support of the concept that the safest setting for labor, delivery, and the immediate post-partum period is in the hospital, or a birthing [...]

Once a cesarean, you become uninsurable?

Things are harder once you have a cesarean – limited future childbirth options, future potential complications in your own body, future potential complications with babies, future potential complications getting and staying pregnant, and now complications with insurance.  I read this article in the New York Times and my stomach turned.  This is yet one more [...]

South Dakota Homebirth Midwifery

From Black Hills Today, great news for women in South Dakota!

"After years of waiting, South Dakota families now have an option for out of hospital births.  Today, Governor Rounds signed into law a bill that allows South Dakota Certified Nurse Midwives to attend births without a previously required collaborative agreement if they are providing [...]

Midwifery Legislative Update aka Making homebirth legal in more states

I recently found a fantastic website called The Mommy Blawg that chronicles the intersection of mommyhood and the law.  Her latest post discusses recent midwifery legislation in Alabama, Idaho, Maryland, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, and South Dakota.

She links to another great website: “The Big Push For Midwives, launched on January 24, is [...]

How to write a letter if you can’t attend the rally for HB 1407…


For Maryland residents: Just click on this link and look up who your Maryland state delegates are. This bill is before the House so you are only writing to your delegates and not your senators.

For those living outside of Maryland, send your letter to the Committee Health and Government Operations Committee (HGO) Room [...]

Birth Rally in Maryland Supporting CNMs – 2/25/08

Why come to the rally? Birth centers are closing, midwives are limited in their ability to practice their profession and Maryland women and families are suffering because they do not have better access to midwifery care. You can change that!

How does HB 1407 change this? Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs) must get an obstetrician to [...]