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How to best connect moms with VBAC supportive practitioners?

Scare tactics masquerading as informed consent is a major problem. Somehow, we have to find a way to connect women with supportive care providers in their area. Please leave a comment or email me with your ideas on how we can do that. [...]

Interview with Dr. Fischbein: An Inside Look at Hospitals and VBAC Bans

Q: Don’t hospitals ban VBAC because it is dangerous? A: They ban VBACs under the guise of patient safety. But patient safety is a euphemism for “we don’t have a good evidence-based reason to do it, other than we don’t want to get sued, it’s more expedient, and we make more money from c-sections—the hospital does, not necessarily the physician, but the hospital does—so we’re going to ban it because it’s easier for us, and we’re going to say it’s for patient safety because of the risk of rupturing the uterus.” [...]

VBAC supportive OB asked to stop attending VBACs by his hospital

Women of Southern California: We are at risk for losing one of the truly supportive OBs in our area.

If you are a woman who prefers hospital births, your options are about to shrink even more.

On Friday, August 21st, Dr. Stuart Fischbein wrote on his blog http://supportdrfischbein.blogspot.com/:

So, met with the chief of staff, [...]

Want a VBAC? Ask your care provider these questions.

Ask Questions 3d button

While there are care providers who may mislead you about your risks, benefits, and options, this article is written assuming that you are meeting with an ethical care provider who supports the option of VBAC.  Read more on how to find a providers like this.

If you are a good candidate for VBAC, the single [...]

List of midwives and birth centers in Southern California

Looking to have a homebirth or birth center birth in Southern California? 

This is the most complete list I’ve ever seen. 

Not all of these midwives attend VBAC. 

Thank you to Sherry Rumsey for putting this together.

From Sherry:

I would like to ensure that the information being provided is accurate.  If you are a [...]

A VBAC Supportive OB’s Response to the AMA’s Statement on Homebirth

On June 15, 2008, the American Medical Association published their 2008 legislative resolutions which you can view here.  Resolution 205, entitled “Home Deliveries,” expresses their desire to eliminate homebirth. 

Below is a response written by Stuart J. Fischbein, MD FACOG, Medical Director of the Birth Action Coalition.  OBs like this are few are far [...]

The Three Types of Care Providers Amongst OBs and Midwives

Care providers, OBs and midwives, can be broken down into three categories:

1. The ones who tell you outright they don’t to VBACs.  While this is annoying, it is more honorable than the second type of care provider because at least they don’t…

2a. … tell you they are supportive, but then put so many [...]

A Midwife Responds to the Hastings Indian Medical Center VBAC Ban

A couple days ago, I posted the statement dated December 2007 from Hastings Indian Medical Center explaining why they no longer offer VBAC.

A midwife responded in the February 2008 edition of the same publication. Below find my favorite sections and below that is her entire piece.

Lisa Allee, CNM sums up ACOG and hospital [...]

Finding a VBAC Supportive OB or Midwife


There are a ton of resources to find a good, truly VBAC supportive, OB or midwife. If you know of any others, please leave a comment with the info!

The VBAC Facts Community The Birth Survey ICAN email support group Birth After Cesarean email support group Your local ICAN chapter The ICAN Professional Subscribers list [...]

Midwifery Legislative Update aka Making homebirth legal in more states

I recently found a fantastic website called The Mommy Blawg that chronicles the intersection of mommyhood and the law.  Her latest post discusses recent midwifery legislation in Alabama, Idaho, Maryland, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, and South Dakota.

She links to another great website: “The Big Push For Midwives, launched on January 24, is [...]