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VBAC vs. Repeat Cesarean by the American Academy of Family Physicians

This is a great piece for deciding between VBAC and repeat cesarean.  Those who wish to VBAC, but have husbands, family, and/or friends who don’t understand why, might find this document very useful.  I have found that people who are anti-VBAC really seem impressed by what doctors and medical organizations have to say, so I’m [...]

Cesarean Risks: Adhesions

This is a comprehensive article on adhesions which is a fancy word for scar tissue.  I think the most relevant points of this whole discussion are:

Adhesions “develop in 93% of people who have undergone pelvic surgery” and “they are especially common after cesarean sections.” You get more adhesions with each cesarean. Adhesions can cause: [...]

Cesarean Risks: Overview

We all know the primary risk of VBAC – uterine rupture.  And when your typical VBACing mom meets with an OB, she must sign a “VBAC consent form” acknowledging that she understands this risk.  However, I find it ironic that women signing up for a repeat cesarean are not required by their OB to sign [...]

The emotional & physical pain that cesareans cause

This is a sad post I’m sharing with permission from a new member of the ICAN email support group.  I’m hoping this post will inspire that person who is ‘on the fence’ between VBAC and repeat cesarean to make the extra effort and fight for that VBAC rather than mourn yet another cesarean.


I [...]

Regretting a repeat cesarean section

I came across this post and it broke my heart.  The author is an L&D nurse who opted for a repeat cesarean and is now regretting the decision.

She says: “I get several hits from people looking into VBAC and I guess my point is this: Go for the VBAC! Especially if you have delivered [...]