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Another VBAC consult misinforms

What disappointed me, however, was the NIH VBAC conference panel’s surprise at the misinformation and bait & switch tactics to which many women are subjected. I think when you are a VBAC supportive practitioner, it may be hard to believe that your colleagues practice in a manner like I describe below. [...]

Response to OB: Scare tactics vs. informed consent aka why I started this website

I receive this comment on the post Hospital VBAC turned CS due to constant scare tactics:

I am very disheartened by the tone of this website. I am a board certified Ob/gyn and a very strong advocate for VBACs, IF a patient chooses one within the hospital guidelines. I DO believe and say to my [...]

If VBAC is reasonable, why does my OB say it is dangerous?

This is a question that I’ve heard a lot.

Here is the three second answer: VBACs got a bad rap in the 1990s before we understood the increased risk of rupture during an induced VBAC labor, especially with Cytotec.  Even if your OB is supportive, s/he may be under pressure from hospital administrators, or other [...]

Homebirth vs hospital birth for the number cruncher


I’m a hard number cruncher. But there are major limitations if you are going to rely solely on case controlled studies to decide between home and hospital birth. There are so many variables and nuances that haven’t been “number crunched” to that extent but make a HUGE difference in the how your birth progresses and the ultimate outcome. [...]

OB lists reasons for rising cesarean rate

7/13/10:  I updated this article, almost two years to the day it was originally published, in response to some comments left on a message board indicating that some women believed after reading the article that I thought all cesareans were unnecessary.  Of course, nothing can be further from the truth.  There are many reasons for [...]

Hospital VBAC turned CS due to constant scare tactics

A huge red flag for me is when an OB states upfront at the first prenatal visit, “the main goal is a healthy baby and mom.”  Why would the OB say something that is really so obvious, it should go without saying?  Because by explicitly vocalizing it as a response to a VBAC inquiry, the [...]

VBACing Against the Odds

So many women tell me how brave I was to have a homebirth, let alone a home birth after cesarean (HBAC.)  But I think the real heroes are the women who manage a vaginal birth, especially after a cesarean, in a hospital.  The deal is so stacked against you and many women find that they [...]