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6 thoughts on “Upcoming Events

  1. Caren

    Is the online seminar something that can be viewed at one’s leisure or is there a one time only time and schedule? I hope that makes sense! Basically, I’d like to go through the seminar, but I have prior commitments that may keep me from watching on a day to day basis. Does this work and how? Thanks!

    1. Jen Kamel Post author

      Hi Caren!

      It’s a learn at your own pace online workshop, so it would work perfectly for you! Go here to learn more.



  2. Katherine

    Is it possible to still purchase a ticket to view the online workshop? I have several doula clients who would like to view the workshop but are a week too late.

    1. Jen Kamel Post author

      Hi Katherine! Registration is closed for the online workshop however I will be opening registration again this summer. Please have your clients subscribe to the VBAC Facts newsletter (see upper right hand margin) to receive an update when registration opens.

  3. Jesse

    How can I access the recorded video? I don’t want to wait until April for the webinar. The link leads to an event page which is closed.


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