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Hi, I’m Jen Kamel… and here’s what I believe…
Girls, from the time they are born, are raised to be mothers. They are given dolls instead of cars.

They are told that the ultimate good they can do is to sacrifice themselves for another. And they are cut off from their own needs, wants, desires, health, and bodies.

Flash forward to the time when they have their own children within the medical system.

“All that matters is a healthy baby” rings in their ears as those they love, trust, and respect repeat this old mantra.
But what is lost in that message is the importance of a healthy parent.

And the concept of respectful medical care is held up as an impossibility for the sake of the baby.

The truth is, healthy babies, healthy parents, and a respectful birth experience should be the goal.

In that spirit, our community wants to increase VBAC access or have a VBAC themselves. But with so many expert opinions and medical studies flying about, it can be hard for anyone to identify where the truth lies.

And when obstetricians say things like…

“Planning a VBAC is like running across a busy freeway,” or “You’re making a stupid decision, your baby will die and you’re the only one to blame,“ (true story)
… it further complicates things.

Parents feel confused, alone, and scared.

Birth professionals who support VBAC feel frustrated, powerless, and lose hope.

We’re here to help amplify the evidence in order to change the conventional wisdom as well as legislation and hospital policies that limit access to VBAC.

We believe we are all worthy and what happens to the bodies of pregnant people matters.

We believe healthy parents raise healthy babies.

We are against the divisiveness that permeates virtually every decision one must make around pregnancy and childbirth.

We believe that every pregnant person knows the Right Choice for them and that they should receive support for those decisions rather than judgement.
Our goal is for every single parent pregnant after a cesarean to have access to VBAC. Our mission is to neutralize the misinformation and confusion about VBAC so respectful, evidence based care is the foundation from which families grow.

We help birth professionals, and parents who have had cesareans, through our membership site for professionals and educational programming for parents that allows them to achieve clarity on the evidence and politics surrounding VBAC.

As a clinical researcher, I find that Jen does an exceptional job in presenting research objectively and in context. It is very refreshing.

Angie BondAngie Bond
Post Doctoral Research Fellow, College of Evolutionary Medicine
Arizona State University

I shared vbacfacts.com with the director of our Obstetrics department because I think Jen does a great job of gathering factual information. He sent it out to everyone in the department!

JoAnn McQueen Yates
JoAnn McQueen Yates
Certified Nurse Midwife

Jen does a very important service for women looking to make truly educated decisions.

Jenni S
Jenni S
Licensed Practical Nurse

Thank you Jen for the candles of knowledge that you are lighting all over the world. You offer REALISTIC information and it is a powerful contribution to womankind.

Brittany Ortiz
Brittany Ortiz
Birth Doula
Apprentice Midwife

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Jen Kamel

As an internationally recognized consumer advocate and Founder of VBAC Facts®, Jen helps perinatal professionals, and cesarean parents, achieve clarity on vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) through her educational courses for parents, online membership for professionals, continuing education trainings, and consulting services. She speaks at conferences across the US, presents Grand Rounds at hospitals, advises on midwifery laws and rules that limit VBAC access, educates legislators and policy makers, and serves as an expert witness and consultant in legal proceedings. She envisions a time when every pregnant person seeking VBAC has access to unbiased information, respectful providers, and community support, so they can plan the birth of their choosing in the setting they desire.

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There is a bit of myth and mystery surrounding what the American College of OB/GYNs (ACOG) says about VBAC, so let’s get to the facts, straight from the mouth of ACOG via their latest VBAC guidelines.

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