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Jen Kamel has helped thousands of professionals and parents achieve clarity around VBAC. She consults individually with parents, professionals, and organizations and is brought in as an expert advising on legislation that limits access to VBAC. Find out more below.

Legislative Consulting

For over two years, Jen has successfully worked with multiple midwifery and consumer organizations on legislation at the state-level.

In this capacity, Jen has testified in front of Medical Boards, created fact sheets for legislators, developed talking points and wrote statements for expert testimonies.

Jen has helped advocates craft the perfect message to protect the scope of midwifery care and patient autonomy. Her specialty is legislation or regulations that seek to limit a midwife’s ability to attend VBAC.

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I had been nervously preparing for a Medical Board meeting. The midwifery regulations in our state were threatened by a new proposal to limit our ability to attend births within 30 miles of our collaborating physician. After consulting with Jen, we had plenty of information, good talking points and a fact sheet which contributed to the Medical Board’s appreciation of why VBAC access is important and the role Licensed Midwives play. The Medical Board passed around the fact sheet and it seemed to sway their stance. Having hard data on VBAC was critical to our credibility. We were very happy that we were left with language that leaves the option open of “refer or consult”.  That means that supportive doctors can support VBAC at home. The ability for Licensed Midwives to continue to attend out-of-hospital VBAC was a major win for us!”

Mary Ann Griffin

Certified Professional Midwife & Chair, Indiana Midwifery Committee

Kentucky has been working on legislation to change the legal status of Certified Professional Midwives in Kentucky. As VBAC had already been a big point of discussion with the medical community, we knew that it will be vital that we can present organized info on VBAC to legislators. Since we are not experts on VBAC, we turned to Jen. She created three handouts for us with great information and full citations. This format lends credibility, and with the help of a graphic designer, we were able to create very polished, presentable, and professional looking documents. Our 2017 legislative session ended without a bill being passed, so we look forward to using these handouts even more throughout the year to educate legislators as we prepare for 2018.”

Mary Kathryn DeLodder

Leader, Kentucky Home Birth Coalition

Consulting with Professionals

Want to reverse a VBAC ban? Jen can walk you through the process of:

  • learning the facts,
  • understanding the hospital’s perspective,
  • engaging the community,
  • collaborating with the hospital,
  • preparing for meetings with talking points & handouts, and
  • what to do if the hospital stonewalls you.

Or do you want to review or revamp your VBAC policy or informed consent process? Jen can support you with that all the while integrating the most recent evidence and guidelines into your practice.  Jen can help you navigate:

  • ACOG’s guidelines,
  • how they have been interpreted,
  • the medical literature,
  • trends and realities of hospital VBAC policies, and
  • managing the present options while considering future risks.

Or is there some other challenge, project, or goal you want to talk through? Let’s do it!

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I was having a challenge finding the right talking points on patient autonomy, support of VBACs in all settings (e.g. hospital, home, birth center), and opposition to VBAC bans.  I wasn’t sure how to make the most impact as the public member of the Midwifery Advisory Council (under the Medical Board of California).  After consulting with Jen Kamel, I was able to refine my knowledge about VBACs and my larger talking points when speaking on behalf of California families.  Our consultation gave me clarity around the meaningful work I do, and helped me find my voice as the newly appointed public member of the Midwifery Advisory Council.”

Jocelyn Dugan

CFO/Treasurer, California Association of Midwives & California Association of Licensed Midwives

Consulting with Parents

Are you a parent who is feeling alone and scared in your birth journey?

Would you like to organize your thoughts, itemize your priorities, and get clarity on what you want for your next birth?

Or are you struggling with limited support from your family or colleagues and you would like to figure out how to manage their concerns?

Do you have a set of questions that you wish someone had the time to answer for you?

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