Offering Labor After Cesarean During COVID-19

What does the COVID-19 pandemic mean in terms of VBAC, scheduled cesareans, and elective inductions?

As I have watched COVID-19 unfold in the United States, I have heard a lot of distressing stories about how this pandemic is impacting maternity care and birthing people.

People being told that they “have to” be induced or schedule a primary or repeat cesarean because of COVID-19.

But is this evidence based? What do we have in terms of research and what do national and international guidelines recommend? What can we learn from how hospitals have managed prior crises? How can we apply that to our current situation? And is it really a big deal if everyone has cesareans?

To answer these questions, I created a free training where you will learn:

    • VBAC and Public Health: Mitigating Future Risks of Placenta Accreta  [3:32]
    • The Current Crisis: Reducing COVID-19 Transmission and Preserving Hospital Staff/ Resources [13:44]
    • Mode of Delivery in the Time of COVID-19: What International and National Guidelines Recommend [18:00]
    • PPE Recommendations: How VBAC Access Conserves PPE [31:13]
    • Cesarean and Anesthetic Considerations: For COVID-19 Patients and Anaesthetists [37:38]
    • ACOG Guidelines in Theory and Reality: Does ACOG Require 24/7 Anesthesia to Offer VBAC? [47:21]
    • Supporting VBAC in Low Resource Settings: Case Studies and Consent Conversations [58:03]

Three things: One, note the timestamps above so if you want to fast-forward to a section, you can. Secondly, this training was current as of April 8, 2020, but information is changing fast. Finally, all of my resources are included below.

COVID-19 Guidelines

Other Guidelines

COVID-19 Research/ Commentary

Staffing, Resources, & Hospital Days Research

VBAC/ Accreta Research

Hospital VBAC Policy Research

If you enjoyed this training and are committed to increasing access to VBAC, continue the journey with me in professional membership.

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What do you think? Leave a comment.

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  1. Thanks, Jen. I thought it was a great training. Thanks for distilling some of the abundance of information on COVID-19, especially how it applies to birthing parents. I thought you did a great job of incorporating information on accreta and VBAC access generally, which I think are especially important because you will hopefully have people viewing this who are not familiar with your advocacy and therefore probably need to know this information. Good job!


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