“Thank you so much for you clarity on the VBAC issue and the concerns surrounding it. As a CNM who does many VBACs (in hospital), I appreciate your efforts to spread factual, evidence- based information. I shared your website with the director of our Obstetrics department because I think you do a great job of gathering factual information. He sent it out to everyone in the department! Job well done- keep it up!” – JoAnn McQueen Yates CNM, Caldwell, NJ

“I use your presentation of data frequently in teaching health education courses as an example of using study analysis correctly. Sometimes ‘interesting’ data is referred to as such as a means of getting related data discussed, not because it is particularly noteworthy as evidence. You do an exceptional job presenting research objectively and in context.” – Angie Bowen Bond, Clinical Researcher (PhD), Chandler, AZ

“I cannot thank you enough. You do a very important service for women looking to make truly educated decisions. It is especially frustrating to me when I read that VBACs should only be natural births. I had every intention of a natural VBAC, but when I went into labor, it didn’t turn out that way. And I am very grateful for pitocin and later, my epidural. It was the VBAC that was most important to me, which happened beautifully, without drama. We (myself & my husband) made informed choices based on true stats. My son was perfect and healthy. When I went in to the hospital for my first VBAC, I thought I needed to have a natural birth in order to have a successful VBAC. That is NOT true. I feel strongly that sometimes, the natural childbirth “movement” (for lack of a better word) does a disservice to VBACing moms. Yes, natural is a great choice, but sometimes it’s not possible. I’ll take my augmented VBAC over my c-section any day (and I didn’t have a terrible c/s experience, either). I am planning another VBAC in a few weeks, and am going into this one with a different attitude. In most cases, it *is* a safe option to induce/augment labor in a VBAC mom, and a VBAC mom is *not* automatically doomed to a c-section if she gets an epidural. A VBAC with medical interventions is still a VBAC.”

“Jen I have mad respect for you. I send the link to your site to all moms who show an interest in having a VBAC. I like the non biased information, it’s straight forward and simply awesome how you break the information down for women.”

“Thanks, Jen for another great article! I always refer people who are looking for VBAC info to your site. You have the most comprehensive, non-biased, research-based information out there! I was never told about any complications to future pregnancies that a csection could cause. I had to find out for myself. None of my doctors ever mentioned it, they just told me I was “not a candidate” for a VBAC (as having had a csection with my first son, I had never had a vaginal birth). I went on to finally have a VBA2C at home with a midwife with my third baby, my daughter.”

“I really respect what you do. I’ve read things on your site that have ‘disappointed me’ because they weren’t the answer that I wanted to hear, but after reading your sources, I know they are *accurate* and that I can trust you give valid, sound info and resources. (also, I’ve read many things on your site that have delighted me as well!) so thanks for running a site that I feel I can actually trust and share with others.”

“And THIS is exactly why I refer people to your (and KMom’s) sites. So appreciate the balanced approach. It’s so hard to find on both sides–I see exaggerations of risks bolstered with tragic stories and I see minimizing and downplaying of risks as well. Neither is truly helpful to a mother trying her best to make an evidence based decision. So again, thank you!”

“Jen, thank you so much for your commitment to facts and evidence based information. We get angry at the OBs who don’t give it… we should hold ourselves to the same standard.”

“Ya know Jen, I just have to thank you! I attended your VBAC seminar in 2010 (in Temecula) and that was the start to my journey of research. Your medical facts and research from the medical books/ journals…etc, was exactly what every VBAC mom needs to hear.”

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