Tools to make educating your clients and community a little easier

Getting the word out about
vaginal birth after cesarean.

Trying to create change in your community can feel overwhelming. There is so much misinformation. So many parents who don’t know their options. So many families to reach. But once they are in front of you, what do you say? That’s why I created these various tools.

From educating your clients to transforming your car bumper into a facts machine to bestowing upon parents the perfect handful of information… I’ve got you covered!

Easily educate your clients

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Rupture PDF Handout

Uterine rupture is a rare but frightening risk associated with VBAC. This two page handout answers the most common questions parents have as well as addresses the three factors that have the highest impact on rupture rates.

*Includes permission to make copies for your clients.

Induction PDF Handout

Induction remains an option even if someone has had a prior cesarean. Yet parents are often confused about the difference between an elective versus medically indicated induction and when induction might be a very good thing.

*Includes permission to make copies for your clients.

Accreta PDF Handout

The risk of accreta increases with each cesarean. More women die and suffer serious complications from accreta than from uterine rupture. Yet 93% of parents pregnant after a cesarean are never informed of this risk. Let’s change that.

*Includes permission to make copies for your clients.

Easily educate your community

Unshaven Hippy Sticker


Humor is an excellent way to address sensitive topics and I think it’s so important to laugh at ourselves. In that spirit, I want our razor-friendly sisters to know that VBAC is an option for them too. Yeap, it’s true, you can shave AND plan a VBAC. #worldrocked

Unshaven Hippy Magnet


So, you want to transform your bumper into an education machine… but you don’t want a sticker. Lucky you, I have a car magnet. Yeap, you too can share the facts while interjecting a little humor in your neighbors’ life as they drive to and fro.

Safe & Reasonable Magnet


How many people in your community don’t know that VBAC is a safe, reasonable, and appropriate option for most women per the American College of OB/GYNs and the National Institutes of Health? Virtually everyone you say? Well, let’s change that.

Doctor vs. ACOG Magnet


How many times have you heard, “But my doctor said…” The challenge is that the evidence supports VBACs for most women, but most doctors still don’t offer VBAC. They simply tell their patients that it’s just too dangerous. Let’s get the truth out there!

Easily educate a random person

50 Micro Brochures


Ever feel a little tongue tied when the topic of VBAC comes up? Do a million facts come flying into your brain and yet one can’t find its way out of your mouth? The world’s smallest VBAC brochure can help. It contains the perfect handful of facts so more people can learn the truth.

100 Micro Brochures


How many times have you heard the following: I want to have a VBAC, but it’s illegal… or no one does that… or my sister-in-law says it’s really dangerous. How do you respond? Where do you start? Pull a Micro Brochure out of your wallet and let it do the talking for you.

250 Micro Brochures


Are you a super passionate VBAC educator? Are you planning a guerrilla marketing expedition to your local book store where you will insert a Micro Brochure in every, single birth book? Well, this max-pack of Micro Brochures was made with you in mind.

Free Report Reveals...

Parents pregnant after a cesarean face so much misinformation about VBAC. As a result, many who are good VBAC candidates are coerced into repeat cesareans. This free report provides quick clarity on 5 uterine rupture myths so you can tell fact from fiction and avoid the bait & switch.

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